Friday, January 6, 2017

One project leads to another

I started cleaning out a cabinet… but got distracted and decided to clean out my old jewelry box.  Far Guy said “Make a list of the stuff only you know about.” Like the cross that does not have a chain that I got for my Confirmation back about 1965. Some of the earrings were my Grandmothers…some are from garage sales…nothing is valuable.  But they are of sentimental value to me. The “Dear Wife” postcard that I got in 1973 from my Dear Husband while he was at Basic Training that says if there is an emergency I should contact the Red Cross.  The flower from Arvilla’s funeral when I was a Pallbearer.  My bead bracelet from Nellie.  An odd collection of pins that I used to wear to work in the 1980’s.  I did make that list.  I parted with a few odd earrings and a very old emergency cigarette..and Old Gold just incase you were curious. 

Then I got out one of the hatboxes.

First Hatbox

It was over flowing, I have mashed that lid on for a few months.

In order to find a different small box filled with treasures I had to tear apart the rest of that cabinet, I had stuff all over, but got it dusted  and most everything moved back. MOST is the key word.  Some ended up on my desk to be dealt with.

My desk is a mess

It may look like a mess but it is an organized work in progress mess.  One project led to another…embroidery thread to be wrapped on little plastic thingys and marked with the color.  Buttons that were found in several containers were gathered together and I now have a button jar. I even found some of my hair, what ever will I do with it?  I think Far Guy has a few more lengths.

Half a button

I have enough OCD that I will take all the threads off these buttons before they go in the button jar.   Who saves half a button?  Apparently I did at one time.

It is cold here…the wind chills are really cold.  Our HIGH temperature yesterday was about –10 F or –23C eh.  COLD.   Today the sun may shine so that will make it seem warmer.  Oh well I have enough projects on my desk to keep me busy for a few days.

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  1. I start out with one project and get sidetracked to another! Looks like you have some tedious projects to occupy your time during these frigid days. We might get snow/sleet this weekend. I'll be sure to share photos of southerners acting goofy!

  2. And you are probably still keeping that half button!

    Shirley H.

  3. You are doing what I need to be doing. Tom and I are still dealing with a sinus infection, cough, drippy eyes, chills. Still I feel better this morning than I did yesterday.

  4. Starting a project only to get distracted by another is my way of life. When you finish with your projects you can come and help me clean out some of my "stuff". Of course on these bitter cold winter days, projects keep me out of trouble. Have fun with cleaning and have a great weekend.

  5. I am not a saver, but I do pile things up to deal with "later" and of course that never comes. Fortunately for me, we don't have lots of storage space, and I've got a husband who periodically goes through things and throws stuff out. I smiled at that half button. :-)

  6. I am trying to not be a saver now, but very hard.
    We are getting snow and very cold.

  7. Ditto here.....I am going through things and some of it is very tedious and it takes hours and seems like I'm getting no where. My ironing boarding is my "divide and conquer" staging area and I have managed to pitch some things but need to throw out more! It is cold here too....but not as cold as you! Stay warm and as I tell myself...."keep on keepin' on"! Stay warm!

  8. That's a good idea about listing the jewelry. I'm about to get started on my decluttering too. Part of me is looking forward to it and part of me is in trepidation.

  9. For me, the hard part of decluttering is the absolute mess it makes! Sometimes easier to leave it in the drawer/container. I have been watching your extreme cold weather- Brrr! We were at zero this morning in KS.

  10. Yup! That's how I clean, too--LOL! I would have to remove the old thread, too. I saved half a button before--so as to get the right replacement size. ;)

    I like the idea of writing down what things meant to you or where they came from and when. No one else would know. True! Great idea, FarGuy! Stay warm!! It says -25 to -35 below wind chill warnings again today. But it's sunny, I'll give it that. ;)

  11. Yes, I usually go down many rabbit holes before I tackle the original project. One day last winter I sorted buttons and organized them into individual zip bags. No more digging through the button jar to find mates.

  12. I love reading about your projects and lists of things to do. I feel like I have accomplished something when you report! Actually maybe I just know that wonderful feeling when another bit of our memories and lives is in better order!

  13. This sounds so familiar! I often start one project and find it leads me to others. I'm lucky if I get one project completed! I also take the small threads off buttons and then save every button in jars. I fondly remember playing with my Grandmother's button box as a child.

    Did I see a program from Bemidji in the top photo? One of my brothers lived there for many years and was editor of the Pioneer back in the 70's. He loved Minnesota, the country side and the people.

    1. Yes our Granddaughters go to school in Bemidji.

  14. Yes, projects can keep you busy and out of the minus 23 C eh cold.

  15. One thing leads to another but in the end you get it all organized. And you find stuff you forgot you even had!!

  16. I'm not that much of a saver, but I do tuck things away until suddenly I realize it needs to be sorted. It you have plenty of time it can be fun, sort of like a time capsule.
    Our cold is 30 degrees warmer than your cold, I'm ready for it to warm up, even if it means rain.

  17. Well, you're not the only one: I saved half a button, too. It was to remind me that yes, indeed, parrots can take a button in their beak and snap it in half--even when it is on the blouse you are wearing at the time. I thought that was a helpful little detail to remember...


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