Thursday, January 5, 2017

Katie’s Ornaments

I got a nice note and a photo via Facebook Private Message.

Katies ornaments 2017

Katie wrote:

Thinking of you guys today as I pack away my favorite ornaments! Hope you are doing good!  Katie


These are all ornaments that we have made over the years…beginning back in 1990 the Loon top left was the first ornament.  The small bear with the pink shirt is an ornament that my Mom gave her grandchildren in 1989.

Time for an updated list!

1990  a Loon

1991  Santa or Mrs Santa or an Elf.   Katie got a Mrs Santa

1992 a pair of Mittens

1993 a wooden toy soldier

1994 a shot gun shell santa

1995 a big red sleigh bell

1996 a wooden birdhouse

1997 a wood turned snowman

1998 a shell that smelled…Katie is missing this one…mine is in the garage someday I will get the box of sea shells down and make her another one.  After 19 years they shouldn’t smell any more!

1999 clothespin angels

2000 santa face on a bent spoon

2001 a black walnut tree with buttons

2002 a black walnut gingerbread boy with buttons

2003 a decoupage photo..everyone was different ( Katie’s was a photo of them on one side and a photo of the day their trailer moved in next door on the other side.

2004 a wooden flag

2005 a little light bulb santa

2006 a hand carved candy cane

2007 a beaded angel

2008 a snowflake design burned into a piece of basswood

2009 a loon wood burned and painted

2010 a cottonwood bark hand carved church

2011 a basswood spool with a hand carved santa face

2012 a christmas tree handcarved

2013 a Milkweed Pod Santa

2014 Showy Lady Slipper handcarved

2015 Loon handcarved

2016 Yellow Lady Slipper handcarved

I have two ideas in mind for next years ornaments they are both carved.  One I have carved previously…one is just an idea.

It was fun to see all the ornaments together.  Katie is my niece who used to live next door but has moved far far away to North Dakota…and she took the twins and Aubrey with her!   I miss her and her children.  Her husband works in the Oil Patch.Katie and Aubrey

Katie and Aubrey  July of 2016

Gavin Aubrey and Jordan

Gavin, Aubrey and Jordan

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Anonymous said...

I remember Katie and children! Wow, such a great collection of ornaments and it's fun to see your list thru the years. Hope you have a nice day.

linda m said...

That was so sweet of your niece to do that. Precious memories.

Cynthia said...

How fun to see your ornaments down through the years. I have some doozies my children made. So beautiful in their minds, now sweet memories and laughs.

DJan said...

They are simply beautiful! And to have a collection of all of them is priceless. Thanks for the list from over the years. :-)

Pauline Persing said...

Nice to see Katie's collection.

Kansas Kay said...

So Interesting to see such creativity over the span of years! And so nice that your niece values them.

Dreaming said...

I loved seeing the ornaments through the years. The picture is a testament to your creativity. I bet you didn't realize what a tradition you had begun Running Circles Around Tuckerat back in 1990!

Tired Teacher said...

It's satisfying when someone treasures the things you make. I'm thrilled that Katie sent the photo and the message. She's a keeper!

Terry and Linda said...

I'll bet you miss them! It's so hard to have kids move long ways away. Sigh!


Rita said...

Oh wow! That's really something to see all of these at once!! A lot of work and a lot of love there. :)

L. D. said...

That is a nice collection. I guess I really didn't know haw far back it was when you started the making of ornaments. We got the bulk of our living room ones put away today. It is too cold to discuss.

Red said...

That's a list to be proud of.

Henny Penny said...

Those ornaments are amazing. Time flies, doesn't it!

Granny Marigold said...

Nice assortment of ornaments you've made over the years.

Karen said...

Sweet collection of ornaments! As I was putting the last of ours away today, I separated my son's out, thinking that he may have his own tree next Christmas. In 2002 I started giving my two kids a somewhat personalized one each year, with the date on it, and maybe a brief mention of an important event in their life that year. I missed a couple of years recently, but managed to date one for this year.

Linda Reeder said...

That was fun seeing all the ornaments you have made through the years. I had been wondering what they were.

Jacqi Stevens said...

I think you outdid yourself with this year's ornament!

That was sweet of your niece to send a photo of them all. And your ornament timeline is impressive!

Lady Fi said...

What lovely ornaments! Hope all is well.

Sam I Am...... said...

What a great display of all your handmade ornaments! It was nice to see all the ones you've made over the years. You gave me some ideas too although I won't be doing hand carving anytime soon! LOL!