Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What’s Up?

I had some time to look around in the yard yesterday.  I think Spring may have sprung for a few days at least. We will have a few nice days and then at the end of the week we are back to 50 degrees again…plus it is supposed to rain all week.


They are back!  We don’t eradicate them..their foliage is green. I love all yellow flowers!   When I was a kid, the rule was you could not go barefoot until the Dandelions were out.


This is my Fern Leaf Peony “ Larry’s Kindness.”  It made it through the winter and hopefully it will bloom this year! I will clip back last years stalks now that I know that it has survived.


If you look closely there are eight ..count them eight Yellow Lady Slipper shoots!!  I will not remove the leaf duff yet, it provides badly needed insulation on cool frosty mornings. I suppose I should pull a few of those weeds and chop off that wild raspberry.

Some of the brush is starting to bud out in the woods.  The tiny deer ticks are present in great numbers.  Too bad the birds don’t eat them.  I told Far Guy and Chance to go and buy some chickens, they could be chicken farmers for the summer.  Chickens eat ticks.

Something is eating my chives..that is no big loss, if they don’t flower they cannot go to seed and spread all over the place. It could be deer or it may be a bunny rabbit. Most everything I have in my wild gardens can survive a pruning by deer or rabbits..that is just the way it is:)

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Country Gal said...

Lovely photos . Nice new header to.
Yup the bunny's here nibble everything lol oh well I just let mother nature look after it, the plantts will bounce back they always do ! I would love to have chickens again. Have a great day !

linda m said...

Yup, my dandelions are back in full force also. I hate to say it but they are pretty.

Anonymous said...

Dandelions and blossoms are blooming over here too... At last!

DJan said...

Dandelions are already puffballs in places, although I do see some yard where there are more of them than there is yard! I always look for Chance in your new headers, and there he is in the mysterious circle.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I sprayed about a month ago...weed and feed. My peonies are just about to break forth in bloom. The roses are beginin' to form some buds and I've seen a few big old ticks. Sorry aniti~chemical folks...I'll spray for them too. I have eight grandkiddos and that's allot of tick pickin' and chances for 'Tick Fever'.

I can't even imagine how very refreshin' it was just to see 'dirt' again. Woohoo, Far Side has dirt to play in!

God bless and enjoy your day sweetie! I'm off to Tiny Town to stock up again! Shoot it to thunder...I wish I was born with a shoppin' gene! Heeehehehe!

CiCi said...

We have some dandelions too. Hubby leaves them alone. We don't use poison because we encourage the wildlife to visit. It was so hot yesterday and going to be hot today and then plummet the rest of the week. Oh well, the flower seeds I planted in the little flower bed in front are growing quickly now. Sometimes I wish you were a near neighbor with all your plant knowledge. You could have a "Dear Connie" section for people like me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some color at your place. With our new place, we don't have the deer and bunnies. That's interesting about the chickens.
Give Chance a hug from me.

L. D. said...

I am amazed at the heartiness of the fernleaf. I guess that is why it survived the migration across this country. I bet you will have blooms as there is a lot of foliage developing there.

Dreaming said...

We seem to be on the same spring calendar. Our dandelions are all smiling! I have tried to deal with them - but this year I'm not even going to bother!

Maryhocam said...

We have our dandelions too. Had a couple growing up in the middle of our quince. It was so pretty. Hubby warned not to touch it. A "weed" after all is just a flower growing in the wrong place.


LindaG said...

Those wild blackberries usually show up wherever I'm weeding. :-o
Have a great day, Far Side! :)

Karen said...

Hey, that could have almost been my dandelion photo:) Glad that you have got some colour coming and things popping up.
How about guinea fowl for ticks. Sounds like they can sort of look after themselves for the none snow months at least.

Rita said...

I know they're not popular, but I love dandelions! Maybe because they are so bright and cheery and maybe because they are a sign of spring up here. ;)

Can hardly wait to see the lady slippers! :)

Linda said...

My fern leaf peony is at about the same stage as yours......we've got lawn flowers blooming too.

Anonymous said...

Dandelions are doing great here in Scotland - I pour boiling water on them. It doesn't kill them but gives them a fright for a while> I have a tree peony (is that the same as a fern leaf?) which is in full bloom and then I'll get pods with big black bean-type seeds. It's a multi-stemmed plant with ferny-type leaves so could be. I cut some stems back last year to see what would happen and it chucked out more shoots, so maybe I should be cutting it back hard every year. It's now about 7' tall and I don't want it getting any taller or I won't be able to see out the bedroom window... Jo :-)

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

It's nice to see the sprouts coming up and even a dandelion has a bright color. I do love your dandelion rule.

Here in N.C. we have many things blooming. I did see my first Magnolia open a couple of days ago. I need to travel with my camera now.

Lynda said...

Hooray for spring - - - sort of - - - finally for you all. You have a gift for knowing so many things in the wild.