Monday, May 23, 2011


Last night we had a visitor.

He (or she) dumped bird feeders all over and the bum took one with them.

The bum stomped all over my daylilies under the bird feeders.


He could not reach this feeder..the other feeders ended up empty on the ground.  Far Guy will fix the damaged ones..he did not touch the thistle seed that was in the mesh feeder.


These are the tracks that we found.

Three Tracks May 23

We have never had a bear at the bird feeders before.  We will have to take the feeders in at night..we will leave one feeder out tonight and set out the trail camera..and see what we capture.

Chance gave the bird feeders a wide berth this morning.  He finally smelled the ground all over..we walked the yard looking for the missing feeder and found these tracks out back where my greenhouse used to be.

We have not heard of any bear activity on this side of the lake..perhaps he was just passing through:) 


  1. Oh wow, I sure hope that bear was just passing through. What a pain to have to take the feeders in each night though:(

  2. We had one passing thru two years ago and he thought our feeder was a buffet...the dogs were going crazy and i thought it was just deer and didn't turn on the lights......ugh!


  3. I will be wating to see what you capture,but it looks like Bear to me.

  4. Wow - a bear? And hungry too!

  5. I hope he was passing through...meeting one in your yard is NOT something to ever really want to do!


  6. OMG, Wow! I hope he's gone. How scarey. And I would be mad as hell that he stepped on the flowers and destroyed your feeders. Because he did find food there, I would be worried about him coming back.

  7. Oooohhh! I can't wait to see what you get on your camera! Or hopefully, you'll get nothing because he left the area, that would be the best scenario.

  8. Wow, I thought we had it bad with squirrels at the feeders, but you definitely have it worse. Hope the bear soon moves on to greener pastures, or fuller feeders, or....

  9. Bad bear.....stomping daylilies just isn't acceptable behavior!

  10. Can't wait for the photos... come back bruin

  11. Oh, looks like bear tracks, and I haven't heard of any close by either. Go away bear!

  12. Yowzer - - that's scary! Trail camera? I don't totally know what that is but am guessing it will record activity.

  13. Yes, the feeders must go. I remember on the north shore how they had continue problems with bears and free food. I bet the fruit bits in some of the birdseed tastes good to them.

  14. Yuck, bears, not my fav.

    Did he do any other damage?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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