Tuesday, May 24, 2011

behind the scenes at the museum

I am getting more organized..I can find the paper clips now.  I still have some file cabinets to go through.  I finally have my very own scotch tape dispenser and a stapler that works ( One that does not jam every other staple).

The alarm system works..how do I know?  I set the alarm off. I had my hands full and hurried to set my crap down and turn on the light and the freaking alarm started to sound.  I quickly entered my codes and then the phone rang..sure enough it was the alarm company checking on me. That was exciting.

1978..that was 33 years ago.  Some of the enclosed display cabinets were window dressed back then..they have keys but no one knows where they are..I have not found them yet. They must be pretty much air tight displays because they are not real dusty..but they need re arranging and new display cards need to be made.

This week is filled with school tours and we have a board meeting and then another meeting followed with a program.  I wrote my report and wrote about my concerns. I guess I am supposed to address the membership.

IMG_2925 The Museum

I survived the newspaper interview last week.  It ended up being a paragraph in the paper..and one of the names was spelled wrong even though I gave them a printed copy.(Frustration)

I moved the rattlesnake skin…it kinda bothers me..but it is flat..so I can be in the same room without screaming.  I hated dusting around it..it sits on top of a glass display case.  I gently moved him or her with one pointy finger all wrapped up in a paper towel to the back of the case and moved the turtle shells up front.  He/she can stay at the back of the case and be dusty for years now as far as I am concerned. ( I am not sure why we need a rattlesnake skin and rattles..it is part of a natural science display in the old schoolroom. Rattlesnakes are only found in South Eastern Minnesota…nowhere near North Central Minnesota. )

Far Guy came in as a volunteer one day last week, he helped me to stuff and fold and mail the newsletter.  He also hung up some Service Uniforms for me. We have lots of Service Uniforms…and hats and caps.

Everyday is different, I am never bored.  Sometimes I start a project and it doesn’t get finished for days..because I am a slave to the phone and questions…and I have many interruptions throughout the day. 

Our weather has not been real warm.  I turn the electric heat on in my office for part of the day.  Yes, I still get cold.  There used to be heat in the building years ago when it was a courthouse.  Most people comment about how cold it is. I am getting used to it, and I go dressed for cold weather. No one told me that the building was unheated..they forgot to tell me that little tidbit. 

I am still waiting for the volunteers to start beating down the doors..I would settle for just one little old lady with a smile to greet people and answer the phones..so far that old lady is me:)   

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Anonymous said...

LOL - you make me smile... Here's hoping for warmer days and more volunteers!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Thew museum sounds very well put together. (Minus that no heat part.) I'm very suprised there is not a membership of volunteers you can call on to help. Hope they come in now that you're there and the weather is warming up.

DJan said...

You are a treasure! Not just to the museum, but to me as I follow your adventures. You do make me think of the old phrase, "if you want to get something done, ask a busy person."

L. D. said...

Everyday must be different but it sounds like an adventure. There must be someone out there who loves history who wants to talk on the phone. The museum is a neat building.

Leenie said...

The museum is so fortunate to finally have a curator who is taking good care of it. I hope the community appreciates at least a little of what you do.

LindaG said...

Kind of funny that reporters can't read (the printed copy you gave them).
But I guess that explains all the typos and misspellings and lack of real news in the newspapers now-a-days.

What a lovely looking building! I hope you're having a great time, Far Side! :)

Anonymous said...

Your museum is HUGE! I don't know how you are doing it without heat....I get very cold here and I have heat. I agree with Leenie I hope everyone appreciates what you are doing!


Maryhocam said...

You sound like you are really enjoying what you are doing. Nice to have a job that you want to talk about after work. Glad it's beginning to come together.

Rita said...

I wish you could get volunteers for even one day a week and they could rotate. One for each day, even. Be less commitment for them, but so much help for you.

I'm sure kids would love to see the rattlesnake skin! I would have. ;)

Lynda said...

I can tell you really love your job! Volunteers can be a huge blessing - - - if they don't expect you to talk with them the whole time they are there - - - praying you get some and praying they are good ones.

RURAL said...

Only you....would poke at the poor rattlesnake skin with paper on your finger, LOL.

We had one hanging on our wall in our house forever. But then again, if it was a spider skin, I could totally relate.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams