Sunday, May 15, 2011

Old Relic

Today I feel like an old relic..tired.   I slept about twelve hours after I nearly frozen to death yesterday, so after supper and a nice warm can guess what happened when I laid down to watch a little TV..I was sawing Zzzzz’s in no time at all.

I do have an electric heater and yesterday whilst I was writing the May newsletter I sat within 18 inches of the crocs were very supple..being so warm and all. My  office has such high ceilings that all the heat was about 50 degrees in there yesterday.

Here is the link to the Hubbard County Historical Museum’s Blog.  It is still a work in progress, I will post there only once or maybe twice a week.  Hopefully it will be picked up by the local newspaper and they will feature the link on the front page of the online paper. (I sent them a request.) I think it will be a great way to stay connected and advertise on a different level.  Non Profits have to explore every avenue available to them.

Several of the Board Members do not have computers, I would like to be able to keep them all up to date by emails..but that is not a possibility.


This is the display that takes the place of the curators desk in the foyer. ( I was told that the usual museum desk was intimidating for some people.) The museum light is on when the museum is open, there is a guest book and a bell to ring for assistance and a box for donations. I am supposed to change the display in the glass something Civil War themed. Nothing has come to mind..yet.   

This week, the First Grade School Tours start, and I am scheduled to visit the Museum over in the next county on Wednesday (I hope they have central heat.)  One of the Board Members is taking my place at the museum for most of the day.

It was a fairly productive week…I am pleased with what I accomplished. Far Guy and Chance came by one day and helped me resurrect the old relic of a vacuum cleaner and took my carpet sweeper outside to clean it out.  The carpet sweeper will come in handy when there are lots of people in the building..less noisy than the vacuum cleaner. I need one volunteer to just dust two hours a week..I don’t mind dusting but I always seem to get interrupted. Rumor has it that a Ladies Study Group is going to make us their service project for the next two years..I can hardly wait:)

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Lanny said...

Good for the intentions of the Ladies Study Group, hope they can really give you a good and steady hand with maintenance.

Have you thought of putting a market or golf umbrella above you and your heater? Being cold and creative can be exhausting! Take care.

Nancy said...

Can you imagine how cold the Court House workers were in this building?

Sure wish I lived closer, I'd come and check out the museum.

RURAL said...

Oh you make me giggle, and then laugh out loud. Do they read your blog? I sincerely hope that they don't, because you are keeping it real.

Freezing, I can relate. At the garden center, even in the winter the heat was only there to keep it slightly above freezing. And the wind blew through the walls....yes it was COLD.

Hope things warm up for you soon.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rita said...

I do hope the Ladies Study Group will come and help out. I'm sure you'll have a list of jobs they can do for the place--hehe! ;)

Love the new blog for the museum. Will you have pictures of items and some tantalizing info on them besides the general "doings" reports like the school kids visiting? You being able to actually take pictures will really make a difference. I would think the local paper might pick it up if you have pictures of the local kids and such.

Too bad they don't all have computers and email. You really do step back in time there, don't you? ;) They are so lucky to have you and it is such fun hearing all about your new position and all the challenges! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

What a shame that some don't have computers. Best wishes with the challenges and I'm glad Gene and Chance can visit.
Happy you could rest well last night. Enjoy today.

Lynda said...

Great idea the first person had with some sort of canopy over your desk. Staying cold will make a person tired because the body is working harder. It sounds like you will be very busy for five months!

lisa said...

Oh, boy more power to you for what you are doing!

Karen said...

Do they have any big hoop skirts at the museum? You need to put one of those on, dress the part you know, and then stick the heater underneath the skirt. The bottom half of you would be warm at least. Of course the fact that the skirt might catch on fire could have a little bearing on that idea:(
Having to sit at a desk at 50 degrees is just ridiculous. Sure sounds like they hired the right person though to get it sorted out! Go Connie!

Linda said...

Being cold always makes me sleepy. I could comment on the computer illiteracy of people that are on the museum board being akin to people of a certain age......I think specifically of my husband when I say this;)

Anonymous said...

Love the lighting in that display. Great shot! And here's hoping it warms up soon...

Intense Guy said...

I hope you feel more refreshed and rested today.

L. D. said...

I wonder if it will ever warm up when it warms up outside. I like the glass case display. I think that would be a fun job to experience. I am glad you have a blog going for the museum.

DayPhoto said...

Golly...your building is beautiful, but suffering in the cold .... goodness.

Thanks for the link!


Pamela said...