Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Pretty And The Not So Pretty

There is one in every crowd ..a real looker.. a stand out.

One in every crowd

One day it was the Goldfinches among the Pine Siskins. 


The buds on the Burr Oaks are starting to swell. I am sure they are stuck in suspended animation for a little has turned cold again..and dreary..and rainy. Down right freaking cheerful weather.

Did I say cold, and I work in a tomb..socks with crocs and snow boots just incase and a heavy sweater and a hooded jacket.  I must be getting used to being cold..I can type without gloves on. Yesterday I worked on several projects..I got their brand new blog up and running.. and wrote procedures for opening and closing the building everyday. Two years ago people donated “stuff” to the Museum.  Paper work should have been filled out and the items catalogued  and thank you notes should have been sent. I am cleaning up after someone  else. It would be wonderful if I could find the old acquisition files..they must be in the building someplace..but where?  I have not found them yet..other people have been searching for them for the past two years. I hope someday I find them.

I have a special computer dedicated to Museum Software. A program called Past Perfect.   Someone started to inventory items and then they just stopped..but where did they leave off?  Where did they start..and where did they end…it is a mystery.  I peeked into the program and discovered that there is room to have photographs to document I may delete everything and start over again taking photographs as I go.  They did not take photos because they could not afford a camera at the they must have just started blindly inventorying items. I will have to have Board approval to delete everything and start from scratch..right now I see no other option. It is not pretty. 

Some people must be breathing good air.

I will have to decide next week if several exhibits will be off limits. I have two rooms that are packed with interesting exhibits, one is business machines and old cameras and the other is medical equipment..but they were used as work spaces..and need to be cleaned up and cleared out. I have one room that is has an original jail cell in it..and much junk piled all around.  Then I have the basement beyond the basement or the dungeon..where there is only a is not pretty at all:(

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  1. Well, you sure are staying busy! :-)

  2. Wow! That is a whole lot of work to do, Connie. I guess they call that "job security." They knew what they were doing when they hired you!

  3. It sounds like you are loving it! You are taking all this on like a challenge to be mastered.
    Will we get a link to the blog?
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with a little sunshine in the forecast!

  4. Great flicks, thanks and keep up keeping up, lol have a very blessed day my friend, Barbara

  5. Lock the board in the jail cell and do what you've got'll be much faster that way;) Great pictures.....I've only seen one Goldfinch so far this year....he got lost and followed the first Robin.

  6. My goodness, Connie! What an amazingly difficult job you are facing! WHEW! I am interested in the blog link,if you would send it to me.

    Boy, I wish you good luck. I think you are going to need it.


  7. I believe they hired the right person for the job. Keep plugging away.

  8. Pretty bird! I wonder if they know they stand out from the rest?!
    You certainly have a 'take charge' attitude about work. They ought to love that!

  9. Sounds like they really needed you there!!! :)

  10. Love the photos of the Goldfinches, great balance to a day spent in the "dungeon" You seem to have a great handle on what is to be done and that's half the battle.

  11. You are the perfect person for this job! Can you copy the old inventory onto a CD before you delete the info? That might be less frightening to the board. An old jail cell...the possibilities are endless!

  12. Hey C--I need your expertise! Pls look for two emails from me today...


  13. Yup, they hired the right person, the goldfinch stuck in the dungeon. Bet they'll get much more than their money's worth. Sending warm wishes.

  14. You are indeed the perfect person to clean out and organize the museum. You have a challenge that is doable and the people who visit the place will benefit as well. It does sound interesting. You are part clerical and administrator, janitor, detective, photographer, tour guide, editor and so much more. Enjoy working on it all.

  15. Sounds like a lot needs to be done... it would be so much more cheerful if it were warm in there! Can't you take in a heater?

    That goldfinch is a wonderfully vibrant creature. Lovely shots.

  16. Ahhh goldfinches, they've been here for a bit, brightening up the drearies, they do a bang up job at that don't they?

    You really can't use the room with the jail cell? I think it would be the most attractive right up there with the "gross" stuff. Featuring what it was like to be a real prisoner, before the days of college educations, fully equiped gyms, internet access, movies and video games.

  17. well.. save it to thumb drive orsomething. don't delete it ...yet!

    I still have pine siskins hanging around. They usually are gone by this time. But our spring is cold. I'm cold with you. brrr


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