Monday, May 9, 2011

Curiosity Revisited : The Echo Ring

Last January I wrote about an Echo Ring.  Well it turns out that the echo ring I had in the photo was a bandstand. I was in error, I know I am not perfect..I make mistakes all the time. Here is the link to that blog post Curiosity: Echo Ring.

This is the REAL echo ring.


It is a Deane Park on top of the hill as you turn into the park area.  It is a stone structure with two “doorways” and a place in the center to stand.  The idea is this: someone stands in the center and whispers and anyone that is standing at the edge of the rock circle should be able to hear what was whispered.


As far as I can see, it needs minimal repairs.  The dollar figure that I heard was way out of line.  You see that is what fueled my curiosity..I read where someone suggested a complete repair of this structure for  a very large amount of money.  I couldn’t believe that any structure in this park was worth that much.

When I tried to find out more about this echo ring and the why’s and when’s..I hit a brick wall.   I am keeping one eye out for any information that the historical society may have.

Today is one of my days off:) 

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  1. I can't imagine it would be outrageous, except people often seem to charge too much.
    Good luck with your search and enjoy your day off! :)

  2. Let's go try whispering there, and see if it works. Have a good day off.

  3. It's people and not the supplies that would place an outrageous price of fixin' the ring. Maybe a goodhearted mason would donate some time to fixin' it.

    I hope your workplace is warmin' up for ya!

    Have a wonderful week sweetie!!! :o)

  4. The echo ring is a wonderful idea! Chance looks very handsome sitting there.

  5. that is really interesting! Did Chance bark and you heard the echo? I look forward to hearing more about it...

  6. That was interesting to read about. It is just amazing on what people will charge to do some stuff and of course you do have the ones that don't do enough research to make sure they are getting the best deal for their dollar. I loved your post yesterday! It was a great picture of your mom! How the hairstyles have changed!

  7. Did you make Chance pose? He sometimes has this worried or concerned expression on his face. This seems to be one of those times. He is a good dog. Tell him the best way he can show his appreciation for free room and board is to be in pictures for all of us!

  8. Seems like some your your town oldsters may have some ideas about the ring. (Remembering old is anyone 20 years older than we are.) I love mysteries too. You have to find out more, we have to know now.

  9. What did Chance whisper to you......or was it a secret;)

  10. Someday I comeing there to visit. I want to see the ECHO Ring.



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