Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pool Sharks

I think my youngest daughter is a pool shark.  I couldn’t remember how she learned to play pool..she reminded me that she played all the time in the recreation room at her grandparents resort.


She challenged her youngest son to a game, explaining the rules, showing him how to hold the stick.

help from Grandpa

It seems that Far Guy learned how to play pool in a real pool hall.   He helped Adam.

I have never learned to play pool, so I just took photos!

Adam smiles   

Jen and Adam visited us last weekend, we went out for supper for Mother’s Day.  Andy was chaperoning Noah’s sixth grade class trip to Minneapolis/St Paul.

Adam was very talkative..I think he enjoyed having his Mother all to himself and being an only child/grandchild for just a little while.

I gave him a quick tour of the museum..being a boy of course he liked all the gross stuff. His Mother said.. “Is that all you have here is gross stuff.”  I replied “No, but I know what little kids like.”  He liked the ghost story that isn’t even one of the museum attractions the best..typical kid:)

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  1. Pool is fun!

    I bet all the 'gross' stuff is the funnest too...

  2. *ears perked like Chance's do when someone rattles the kibble - Ghost story?*


  3. What wonderful photos and sounds as though you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

  4. Haven't played for years ! Looks and sounds like a good day.

  5. We built a family room onto our house 'cause it's was Farm Boy's dream to have a pool table. We had it for years 'till it became a dumpin' ground for items as we walked in the door and I just up and sold it one day.

    Remember the fancy eatin' table on the Beverly Hillbillies with those fancy pot passin' sticks??? Heeehehe!

    It's good to give the grandkiddos one on one. I call 'em our 'special days'!

    Have a blessed day sweetie! :o)

  6. Haha. Such a boy. ;-)
    I know the basics of pool, but I've never been good at it.
    Happy Thursday to you all! :)

  7. Looks like and sounds like Adam had a good one. We love pool and I wish we had the room to get one for the house!

  8. Sounds like a good time for everyone! My husband's family loved playing pool - - - had a table and they would challenge each other - - - could play for hours. I would watch while reading a book!

  9. I never learned to play pool, either. I always think of it as a man's game for some reason. And of course boys like all the gross stuff in a museum!


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