Monday, May 2, 2011

May 02 Still Snowing

It is still snowing, it snowed again during the night.  It is very cold, the North wind howls like a banshee.  I have to wear socks with my crocs or my snow boots.  It is daughter called it “the seventh month of winter”..she really knows how to cheer me up. 


This is Chance and the snow this morning. Welcome to Minnesota.  I bet the snow birds are just a bitching..most of them are back..I bet they are all half frozen..golfing must really suck in a blizzard.

We went for a ride yesterday..


Two Turkeys were running through Steve and Jo’s pasture.  We saw two turkeys, a deer, a Canada Goose, a Bald Eagle, and a few Robins pecking sand in the road.  We heard that a Mountain Lion has been sighted and that he/she took down and killed one of the neighbors horses..scary..who eats horse meat when venison is available? 

All the May Day Baskets were delivered…all the children were smiling.

IMG_2712 Aubrey

This is a special smile....from a special girl.  Aubrey has another recheck with the Surgeons this month, to re-evaluate her palate.  Her speech is getting much better, either that or we are getting used to her speech.  She goes to speech help twice a week. We all appreciate her smile..something that we took for granted before her birth.  One out of every 600 children born is born with a cleft lip and or palate. Aubrey is my Great Niece and she lives next door:)

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Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Well, I just have to say that little Aubery's smile made my day!!! What a sweetie she is! It's good to hear she's makin' great progress and I will remember this little sweetheart in my prayers.

I'm sayin' 'bout the weather. It's May 2nd, southern Missouri and I just came in from restockin' the woodpile. We've had 15 7/8 inches of rain and it's so cold my hummin' bird's beaks are chatterin'! Poor little thing should'a vacationed in Mexico longer.

Although the big cats are beautiful they are only big trouble 'round livestock.

God bless and if warm weather ever sticks here in the Ozarks, I'll be sure to send it your way sweetie! :o)

Nancy said...

Is it time to bring the snow stick out of storage?

Becca's Dirt said...

Aubrey is precious and has a beautiful smile. We have family members who have gone through that too. I can't believe that you are getting snow again. This is the winter that won't go away. I hate it for ya. I bet Chance is wishing it would go away too.

lisa said...

She is adorable. Sorry about the snow. We have been getting swamped with rain lately, did have a couple of nice days with the sun in attendance.

Karen said...

I can't believe you are getting snow again! No offense, but I won't be moving to Minnesota:(
We are having our version of moisture again today, after a lovely day yesterday. Those lovely days are sure spread pretty thin though.

L. D. said...

She is such a sweetie. Snow is a curse.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful smile from Aubrey and I will keep her in my prayers.

And to think I posted about snow cones earlier!

Patsy said...

I don't mean to be a smart a-- but didn't I say May when we voted about the snow?

LindaG said...

What a sweetie! :)

Perhaps it's because of the horse being in a pasture and easier to catch?

I hope everyone will be safe and they catch it or drive it off quickly!

Dreaming said...

Arghh... I just lost my comment (to my own stupidity)!
We are grousing about winter hanging around down here. We had more snow today - nothing sticking where I live, but there was an inch when I left the riding center (12 miles away) and it was still coming down there.
Little Aubrey is an angel. I hope her visit to the surgeon shows nothing but good things! It must be nice to have her so close.

Intense Guy said...

Awwww... Aubrey is a sweetie. :)

Gosh, I thought Minnesota was "the land of the ten thousand lakes" - not the land of the endless snows.

Gail said...

Snow!!! I feel for you.

Lynda said...

I didn't even notice anything different about Aubrey's smile until you mentioned it. She looks like a cheerful child.
About the snow - - - are you stuck in a time warp where summer never arrives? Do you love MN that much? Guess it's probably the people who live there - - right? As they say in the South, "Bless your heart."

Anonymous said...

Now that is a gorgeous smile!

Apparently it's snowing in Stockholm today... and yesterday we had hail. Thermometer hovering around zero! Ah, the joys of spring!

Maery Rose said...

What a great smile! I'm glad Aubrey is doing so well. I didn't get any of the white stuff, just the cold, make worse by the hefty wind. But the sun is out today. Yeh!

DayPhoto said...

What a delightful smile! It says it all...THANK YOU AUNT CONNIE!!!

It's still cold here, still burning the woodstove....I'M SICK OF THIS FOREVER WINTER. Of course we are not like are still in winter, we are on the fringes.

Come on SPRING!'