Friday, May 13, 2011


I have decided that I am homesick at work, and feeling a little bit blue. I miss Far Guy and Chance, even though they come and visit me every couple of days.  The first time they came to visit Chance tracked me from the parking lot to the door. Yes, Chance can come in to visit..I am not putting a no pets allowed sign on the door.  Every morning when I leave Chance puts his ears down and looks sad…really sad.   Far Guy and I have worked together since 1998 when he retired..sure we had different greenhouses and different projects..I had flowers and he had veggies..but we worked closely together and got along just fine.  So I miss spending time with them throughout the day. So far they have not gotten into any trouble without me.

“Things” are going fine at work, I am always busy organizing, sorting or cleaning out something. The days go by so fast, and I am tired when I get home. Next week the school tours start, I would be nervous but they are only First badly can I mess up?  If I do will they notice? 

I thought I would enjoy the job more than I do, perhaps when I know everything there is to know about the museum and it’s policies and procedures I will feel far they don’t have much written down I am writing the procedures and policies for them.  Many times I ask a question and no one knows the answer. I am finding the answers for them or making them up as I go.  I am trying to remember to take little bites..that was Far Guys advice. I do not want to reinvent the wheel..I want to get it moving in the right direction and stay on track.   

The quilt for 2011

I stopped by my Aunts the other night after work, my cousins were quilting the quilt that will be given away at the Family Picnic in August.  This years theme was patriotic. They were doing a wonderful job and had plenty of help so I came home.

We had some visitors in the yard.

Peek a boo Bluebird

Playing peek a boo and trying out a bunch of different houses.

Bluebird and the nesting box

I hope the Bluebirds pick this one, it is close to the house and I can watch them from the patio. They occupied this nesting box two years ago..last year they picked a box near the wildflower gardens..we will just have to wait and see where they decided to build!  They are a good two weeks later than normal. They should be all settled in by now.

It is turning cold again here..we had two nice days..that’s it? As far as I am concerned we are having a non spring :(

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The Retired One said...

Love those bluebird photos...I know what you mean. When my kids were little, I longed to work and when I finally did, I longed to be home. Now after being retired for 3 years, I really miss home and hubby even if I go shopping by myself for the day.

DJan said...

I am still convinced that it would take quite a bit to talk me into returning to work. But I like to hear about yours, and how your valuable skills are making things better! Poor Chance, I feel for him. He loves you so much, he told me so. :-)

Barbara said...

lovely photos, good post, hug to you my friend.

Gail said...

Your job sounds wonderful.

A friend asked me one time, how do you eat an elephant? Since I didn't know, I asked how. She answered, one bite at a time!

You have the perfect attitude to do this job very well.

Lynda said...

You may be like the Biblical Esther - - you are there 'for such a time as this' and perhaps it is the policies and procedures manual that needs to be created.
Isn't it funny how we begin to cherish the simple things and those we love most more and more the older we get? We recognize how very precious they are.
Yes - - - one bite at a time is correct - - - and if the plate gets unappetizing or seems too full, you can push it away.

Maery Rose said...

Another thing I miss is the blue birds. Had a ton of them at the old house. I have seen one here occasionally and I think I saw an oriole the other day. I don't know what else would have such bright orange coloring.

I hope you find what's right for you with the job. I'm counting the hours to retirement (a lot of hours when I've got at least 8 more years to work) so I'd have to be drugged and dragged to return to work after I retired. That's not entirely true. I plan to do some kind of work but something I actually like doing and for the social aspect.

Linda said...

I know I'd be homesick if I couldn't be home too. We get Bluebirds coming and going but never staying:(

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll start enjoying the job more once you get used to it? Do you go to work every day? Or is it part-time?

What lovely visitors in your yard!

That Janie Girl said...

Those birds are beautiful...

Come down here, we'll give you a reason to be really homesick!!! Like 110 degrees? no rain? Severe drought? Major grass fires?

I'll be back more often - it's always good to hear about Chance. Zack and Zanna send him their love and lickies! ;)

troutbirder said...

Speaking of "blue" I'm very worried mine haven't shown up yet. Patience is in very short supply here this strange spring.

Terry and Linda said...

I have been homesick ever since Terry retired. On June6th I get to retire. I can't imagine a life without lots of politcs in it, managing people and projects...I am so excited to get to finally be home-to do things my way, on my time, the way I want to do it AND to be able to go with Terry went ever we get the whim.

Maybe when the weather stablizes you will feel some what better.


Pamela said...

Your bluebird brought this song to my head

Daddy dear,* tell me, please, is the world really round?
Can the bluebird of happiness really b found?
Tell me why is the sky up above so blue,
And when you were a child did your daddy tell you?

What becomes of the sun when it falls in the sea,
And who lights it again, bright as bright can be?
Tell me, why can't I fly like the birds through the skies?
Tell me why, daddy dear, are there tears in your eyes?

see what your bluebird does to me (: