Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I have lots of thoughts today. Some not very kind. Last weekend when it was lovely outdoors, we were out and about and saw some motorcycles. Some were riding crazy weaving in and out of the traffic lanes. Some were cut off by people in cars. It was freaking crazy. I don't have very good thoughts about motorcycle riders without helmets. I don't have good thoughts about motorcycles period. If you ride one, fine... wear a damn helmet, if you don't then sign your donor card, and tell your family of your wishes. I cried when my son in law purchased a motorcycle, I told him if he ended up dead that I was going to be mad as hell at him, and it would take a really long time for me to forgive him and I was going to holler at him for a really long time. It will soon be too cold for him to ride said motorcycle to work, thank goodness for snow. My brother out in Oregon rides a motorcycle also..I try not to think about it. Donorcycles.

I think and pray for Mag, she has been waiting for over two years to get her new lungs. She had something terrible, a genetic disorder called Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency, it was incurable. We always knew it would have to be another families bad day, every spring and summer I would tell her " Hang on kiddo, motorcycle accident season is here again." "Your beeper is going to go off one of these days, it has to." Mag is just 45, it was her birthday a week ago, and Tuesday she got two new lungs..she got her chance..she has my prayers, you can never give up..there is always hope. I always wondered if it was the Canadian health care/ transplant system that was taking so long. Now she has to suffer through rejection and recuperation..thank goodness for Facebook..our link for news.

The donor family, how do you ever say thank you to them. Thanks for a chance, without them there would be no hope for recovery. Their incredible sadness, must be tinged with a little spark of pride, in the gift of life that their loved ones offered. I think about them too.

What do you do when your child is hurting, sometimes you wish they were little again, when a kiss and a band aid would magically fix all their owies. When your kids grow older, the owies are sometimes massive, and no amount of kisses or band aids will help. My Cousin MJ must be feeling this way, her daughter is mourning her own daughters death from SIDs. Just two weeks old, a little girl, here one minute and gone back to heaven the next, suddenly without warning. The funeral was up in Alaska yesterday. I can only imagine the depth of their sadness, mother and grandmother grieving. I think and pray for comfort for them.

Thoughts..for the first day in October 2009. I usually can find humor in every situation..not so much today:(


  1. Some days no matter how hard you try to avoid them, heavy thoughts are present. It certainly isn't fun, but it's what makes us human. We have all had out fair share of days like this.

    I like your terminology about donorcycles. So appropriate. I have seen and taken care of the victims from those accidents. I agree with everything you said. Riders need full body armor as far as I am concerned. Helmets just don't do enough. Hope your spirits lift and your thoughts are lighter tomorrow.

  2. A serious day for you. It's hard not to live in fear of the future. I go crazy thinking of what "could" happen to my children and grandchildren.

  3. Well writen and well said. Your photo is perfect. Motorcycles are scary although my husband ad son-in-law drive one. I try not to think about what might happen.

    You are such a beautiful compassionate careing soul, it shines through your blog. Even on days like today.


  4. I am praying for Mag and for your cousin and her daughter. Both situations so grave. Hard to know what to say on days like these. God bless you Connie. Sending a hug, Mildred

  5. Sending you (((HUGS))), and praying for your family. I lost a niece to SIDS, I know their pain. I'm sorry.:(

  6. {{{{{hugs}}}}} from here too. I have to agree with you on the donorcycles. People should have to wear brain buckets when they ride those things.

  7. Losing a child is really hard but I know for a fact that if you survive long enough, you will learn to cope with it. Although it's impossible for anyone to really comfort a parent at times like these, I found that for me, the simple phrase, "I'm so sorry for your loss" was all I could hear. Yes, sometimes life is way hard, but we change every day. With God's help we can go on.

  8. Beautifully written. Praying for y'all....

  9. I am a donor, it is on my driver's license and I am also in the marrow donor data base.

    At first my hubby did not understand but when I said if I can help one person to see that has never had sight, or one person to live a normal life from my kidneys or heart or lungs or anything, then my death is not wasted.

    He understood and has now signed the donor spot on his driver's license.

  10. Tears in my eyes - prayer in my heart for your friend and baby's parents and grandparents. jo

  11. Such happy and sad news. Happy for the woman who got her two lungs (one of my friends has gone through the same thing). And so tragic to hear about the little baby.


  12. My heartfelt prayers go out to your friend. I am ecstatic that someone received a second chance at life with a new set of lungs, yet so sorry for the family who lost a loved one. So goes the circle of life. It is so important to sign those donor cards, it's a precious gift to many.

    Have a very blessed day.


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