Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Last Roses Of Summer

These are my Roses that are supposed to be climbers, they are called William Baffin. I have a hard time getting them to climb. I want them to go up, but they just kind of arch..and bloom. They always put on a fairly nice show in September.

Years ago I used to have them next to the grain bin and they were loving the fish net there and climbing well..then Far Guy built the arbor for me..and I moved them. One morning I was outdoors and went to sit on one of the garden benches, a deer was eating my stomped it's feet at me. Our dog Captain, a Sheltie was very old, and deaf, and his eye sight was poor..the Deer stomped their feet at him all summer, it was probably a good thing he couldn't hear or see them. The deer apparently liked the smorgasbord that was available in my gardens, and really liked my roses. I wonder what roses taste like to the deer. Is it like a Nut Goodie Candy Bar, or licorice or a Double Fudge Brownie Delight at Dairy Queen, or is it just a different kind of salad?

The Canadians have great roses and they produce roses that are hardy in Minnesota. It is my understanding that the Morden Research Station will no longer be working with roses, however a group of individuals is anxious to take over to help preserve the roses. One article I read said that three million roses were sold every year just in Canada. The Canadian Roses..Parkland or the Explorer series are all roses that are grown from their own roots, they are not a grafted rose. They are also not your three for ten bucks roses sold at some stores. And no they have never developed a yellow climbing rose. I believe that is one of the questions that they are asked most often. They have 26 acres of arboretum and display gardens up there in Morden, Manitoba. I might have to add a trip there to my bucket list:)

*** It is rainy and cold here, these photos were taken September 03, 2009.


  1. The color of the roses is pretty. It would be a hard choice for me to pick between the roses and the deer. I imagine I would rather have the deer. I would grow roses just to attract them. They are such beautiful creatures and I love to watch them. Of course I have never had one get mad and stomp its feet at meet. I might have a different opinion them.

  2. Hi Connie, Those sure are pretty roses. That's interesting to read about Canada's roses too - you would really enjoy a trip there I bet. We have deer around here but the only thing they really LOVE are pansies! They don't bother the roses or hosta. With the stomping of the feet by the deer, I suspect your roses taste like a candy bar! That's what I do if Nalley gets too close to my Reeses peanut butter cup candy!!! Your weather sounds like a good day to stay in. We are still below 60 today and it is very cloudy w/ rain forecast for tomorrow.

  3. I need to go out and trim all the dead stems off of my William Baffin. I had a lot of die out this year. I will need gloves of steel to keep from getting torn up with the big thorns. Nice shots.

  4. I wondered if the pix were from this year -- the Weather Channel made it sound as though winter has already settled in up there!

  5. Those lazy, freeloading deer!

  6. Roses are a sick passion on mine. I have 38 different roses. I have tested for Jackson and Perkins. They will sleep with the frost soon and I will weep. But right now I am enjoying every last sweet bloom.

    Have a great week!!!

  7. Connie,
    My brother bought a house this summer that has several rose bushes. One of the bushes looks dead as far as foliage, but it produces beautiful roses in different colors. It's the strangest leaves but a spectacular rose. ;D

  8. Your roses are a pretty pink. I love roses but have never had any luck with them - obviously doing something wrong. There is a beautiful rose garden in Duluth called the Leif Erickson Rose Garden but I bet the one in Manitoba is fabulous. You should go!

  9. Oh Canada.....

    Well I think that your roses are gorgeous. Even if they arn't Canadian eh?

    OK, that was a kind of Canadian joke. Really.

    I know, but it is late.


  10. I can almost smell those roses!


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