Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to July

It is still raining this morning..Chance got all wet.  So I am going to transport you through pictures to a greener time..last July.  It is going to be a guessing game with the answer revealed pay attention.   Relatives and close friends that know the answer are not allowed to guess. If you are a friend or relative that doesn't pay attention to anything that I say... then go ahead and guess.
What in the world were we preparing for?

Look at that green, yes I know some of the greens are weeds!  Seems like a good spot.  We used to have a small shady perennial greenhouse there.   July 21, 2009

July 22, 2009  My brother, Jody.  I was amazed at how much black dirt he had to remove..  

Still July 22, 2009.  Chance has been supervising the crew!  Ryan, Hunter ( my neices husband),  Jody and Josh (nephew).

All done, now if the dog and the deer stay out of it until it cures!

Delivery Day,  July 26, 2009  Miney (The dog) Jen ( daughter)  and Andy (son in law).  They put it on a trailer at their house and moved it to our house.  We should have charged admission..we had a whole crowd of people watching!

Easy does it!  Andy, Hunter and Jody.  Did you know that you have to have a building permit, even though you aren't technically building are just moving something.

August 1, 2009.  When do you suppose we will get electricity hooked up?  Do you think it should be painted green?  How about a steel roof with an overhang?  It definately needs a bench.  Someplace to sit and relax.

October 13, 2009  Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea, it is cold and last fall project that shouldn't have been started.  BUT..the overhang will keep the snow away from the door.

October 24, 2009   Finally the roof is done, and the front door has two coats of paint.  The posts and that front trim board are going to have to weather is too cold to prime and paint them.   Done,  it is done.  See the frost on the ground?

Do you need more hints?  Alrighty then...we use it several times a week..Chance does not use it at all.  He waits patiently outside for us to finish.  HA!  Guess away! :)  


Mary said...

Haven't a clue! I don't even know what a sauna would look like. Looks like you plumbed in sewer, maybe. I like the faux window on the front. All-in-all, a very cute building.

RURAL said...

Oh too cute, I would want something slightly bigger, with a green house access attached. See it would be a studio.

I guess I failed the test, tooooo bad.


Lynne said...

Cute building - it's either a potting shed, or it's your writing/photo studio where you work on blogs/pictures/general paperwork. Perhaps you can teach Chance to write, too!
Happy Hallowe'en.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I know, I know......It's a love shack! Heeeeheeehe!!! I would guess a potting shed. Please don't keep us in suspense too long.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Love Shack!!!

Emma Rose said...

My guess is #1 potting shed, or #2 hot tub/spa.
Can't wait to find out!

Rae said...

I give up. I can't guess. Maybe a hot tub hideaway. I think Nezzy is right. It is a love shack!

Andrea said...

Love the fall themed blog header, Connie! What a great picture of Chance! :)

L. D. said...

That will be nice for you to use all winter long.

Liz in PA said...

Hummm, I've no idea. I also do not even remember you writing about getting the ground ready in JUly! ...maybe I have a short memory span!


troutbirder said...

A secret hideaway to get potted?

DJan said...

Okay, I read this early this morning before my trip to Vancouver, figured I'd come back and find out what it is, but none of your other blogger friends know either! Windows too small for a greenhouse, way too private for a hot tub, too nice for a potting shed. I give up!

West Side of Straight said...


lisa said...

I don't think I will even try!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I love all your guesses so far..
Liz In PA.. Your memory is just fine. I didn't write about it because I wanted you all to see it renovated.. I have been avoiding even having the building in photos that I have posted. I think about these blogs posts sometimes months in advance!
L D Burgus It will be especially nice in the winter!
Thanks everyone for your guesses.. I will be back tomorrow with the reveal:)

Unknown said...

It looks like a sauna?
I Love it and my kids would dig something like this play in!
Me, I am wishing for a hot tub!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Connie! It sure is cute! I also love your new header. Chance looks like he is smiling.

Nalley just looked and said it is a hot chocolate stand for your outdoor skating rink!

patty said...

a little guest house?

Anonymous said...

I'd be using it as a garden shed!! I love it.

Tami Weingartner said...'s about as big as my house! lol!

That Janie Girl said...

It's your little home away from home?


It's for your new cottage industry? ;)

I dunno. But I Like it! I like it a lot!

LadyFi said...

So sweet. Is it a sauna?

Merry Mary said...

I hope it's a sauna. Whatever it is, it's really cute! I remember my grandma's sauna had a wood stove to heat it; I didn't see a chimney on this so maybe it's a potting shed.

Nishant said...

My guess is #1 potting shed, or #2 hot tub/spa.
Can't wait to find out!
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