Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chance: A Minnesota Adventure

Hey,  It is me again.. the blogging Border Collie.  Yesterday we got up early and left, it was almost a four hour trip east. Far Guy wanted to go to a special hobby shop..he has a couple of Trains. Far Side said "Okay, as long as we can stop to take photos! " We went to the hobby shop first, we didn't get lost or anything..Far Side took me for a walk, she walked a little far, and all of a sudden she turned tail and headed for the car..mumbling something about me not being a guard dog..and we were in a seedy part of town..I wouldn't know about that ..I was way too interested in all the strange smells. Far Side won't let you eat anything you find on the street either..she is pretty picky. She talked to some people all bundled up in coats, but still shivering, she introduced me to them. She was a little nervous..we finally sat down in front of the local Cop Shop and watched people on the streets for awhile until Far Guy came out and rescued both of us. Then we got back in the car ... this time it was only a short drive. 

Can you see me? I am a little short..can you guess where I am yet? Hint: We are still in Minnesota.

Peek a boo..how about now? Any Ideas? Hint: It is cold and snowy, there is water and loud noises.

I got to run free, I am out of here. It is snowing, we should head home before it turns into a Blizzard. Hint : The sand here is a funny color red..

See I am running off into the sunset, well if there was a sunset..I am definitely running the correct way. I bet you know where I am at now? Hint : A funny looking bridge!

I guess I better wait for the old folks to catch up..they finally do..and then they talk about a ship coming in..I hope it is the "Ship" that Far Side sometimes talks about..Ya Know. "When my ship comes in I will probably be at the train station or the airport."

Yes, we are at Duluth, and a ship is coming in....so we will wait..just in case it is Far Sides ship. I have never seen a ship before..Far Side says she will have more Photos for you on Thursday:)


Becca's Dirt said...

The world in the eyes of Chance is so cute. What a cutie Chance is. Have a great day Connie.

West Side of Straight said...

Good job Chance! I figured you went to Duluth-only big town East of us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chance, you are precious! I look forward to seeing Far Side's ship come in!

Emma Rose said...

Oh Chance, I do hope it was Far Side's ship that came in! That would be pretty exciting. I'm glad you got to go for a long ride and a walk "on the wild side" :) I'm really sorry you are having snow - it's just NOT time!!! When we get snow they close everything and everyone stays home that isn't a nurse or a policeman :) Hey, snow might just be fun!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Great job Chance! I'm so excited that Far Side's ship may really come in. Too bad it's coming in the snow. UCK! Too soon for that stuff. Have a grand time Chance and maybe you'll meet some cute little poodle on your next wild run!

Have a great time and God Bless!!!

DJan said...

Chance, you said it took four hours, but I wonder if that was in doggy time or human time! Glad to see you're cutting them a little slack for being so slow...

Rae said...

Oh Chance you wonderful thing. You are so entertaining. That's a pretty impressive bridge. It looks really cold there though. Thank goodness it didn't snow.

Make sure and tell Connie about my new toy. I got myself a scooter. It eliminates the walking and that is how I managed my latest trip. Maybe I will take pictures.

Jan said...

I love Chance.

Gail said...

I love the peek a boo.

Good job, Chance.

Debbie said...

Oh Chance! You're such a smart boy! I saw your little head behind that cement structure! I would recognize you anywhere.:) I too, hope Far Guy's ship comes in too. You live such an adventurous life Chance! One lucky dog I say! I know...it would be nice if you got to eat things on the road some of time, but they are just looking out for you.:) Tell Connie thank you for telling me how she made that heading at the top of her blog...ok? Thanks Chance!

Liz in PA said...

Sounds like the 3 of you had a real adventure!

A SHIP?????? Oh I do love to see ships!

We used to be able to see huge Lake Frieghters
on Lake Erie. Not any more - actually they are few and far between. So sad. :-(

Did Far Guy enjoy seeing the trains? I bet he made a few neat purchases too! Do tell us!
I love trains too! When I was a teenager my sister and I rode the SANTA FE SUPER CHIEF
EL CAPITAN from Chicago to Los Angeles! That was a fantastic trip....I think it took us 2 days and nights traveling.....maybe it was 3 days and nights!!

And I've taken the passenger train from Erie PA to Toledo Ohio - love train travel!

I know Far Guy is actually speaking of his Toy Train Collection Hobby! I am interested in that too! Such fun to see a set up in basements!
The RFD Cable TV CHANNEL shows many Toy Train Programs!

Leah said...

Well done Chance - I'm glad you got to visit too! Maybe next time you will be taller and be able to see over the side! I'm glad you made your trip - I know Far Side was waiting for the perfect day -- she probably would have had to wait until next July!

LadyFi said...

LOL - thanks for making me laugh! Hope Far Side's ship came in and that she was there at the dock and not at the airport! ;-)

diane b said...

I enjoyed your funny post. Wouldn't you rather be snoozing in front of the fire rather than watching Far Side's ship come in?

DayPhoto said...

That was cool! I got to see some of world. VERY NICE!

And you do a great job of showing us around.


L. D. said...

Duluth looks pretty cold right now. I guessed by the third picture. We thought we might go up to see fall color, but we are so darn cold down here and will be for quite awhile that I don't want to go north to get colder. Chance is such a neat dog.