Sunday, May 1, 2011

Snowy May Days 1954 and 2011

I like May Day.  It should be a is USUALLY warmer May 1st..warmer than say Halloween or Valentines Day.  May Day should be promoted by someone besides me. Perhaps you can mention it to a non May Day person..or better yet take them a May is not too have the rest of the day.

Lets look at May Day 1954..I was a very tall 2 years and 8 months old. My baby brother was just a little over a month old, way to little to be outside in the snow.

Connie May Day 1954 I have seven May Baskets..I bet I can tell you who they are from. Danny and Karen, Corrine and Rhonda, Barry and Sharon, Becky, Dora, Grace, and Ella…all neighbors.

That is my dog in the background..My parents cannot remember his name..I think it was Frosty..because he was white. My maternal Grandparents always saw to it that I had a dog.

It snowed that May Day. It snowed last night.


The wind is blowing and the snow is stacking up on the far it is not melting. Winter has returned. I have had it with winter..I could take the rain..but the snow is fairly depressing.

I want spring..and I want it now!  This is what spring should look like…

This is the picture tree that is in the old black and white photo. It is a Honeysuckle.  Barb has Lupines and Iris planted nearby. After all these years the picture tree still retains its haphazard form.

The picture tree and Barbs blooms

The tree is older than me.  It is still in the yard at the farm. With the same hedge of lilacs in the background…they will all bloom in late May or early June if it ever stops snowing. Honeysuckle Blooms against the sky

The fragrance of the Honeysuckle blooms will attract every bee in the area..I will look up at the blooms again..just like when I was a little girl.

Happy May Day and Happy Birthday to Hunter who lives next door..he is thirty something now:)

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  1. You still getting snow? you poor thing I will send some spring to ya ok !
    Lovely post and photos.
    Have a good day !

  2. Aw! the very merry month of May.

  3. Happy May Day Connie! Your last post gave me the idea to make a couple of May Day baskets for neighbors. I bought bright containers from the $ Store and filled them with diff. kinds of candy. Both families' have been extremely gracious to John and me since we moved in and had asked me to come and see their flower gardens. Ringing the bell and surprising them with the candy was a thrill for me, and even though both were elderly couples, they were very excited and immediately tried a piece of candy. It felt good to surprise someone with a small token of friendship. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh, I can't believe the snow. That would depress me too.

  4. Happy Birthday, Hunter!
    And Happy May Day to you, too, Far Side. I believe it is a holiday somewhere.
    Whatever happened to May poles. Didn't people use to dance around them on May Day?

    Wow. Snow. Don't know what more to add to that!

  5. I got a May basket once. Maybe in second grade. Your seven are very nice..... And still you had the memories to warm you in spite of last nights snow. :)

  6. Oh no! I thought spring was late in coming here to Michigan. No snow though. I'll be thinking spring-ish thoughts just for you!
    Happy May Day!

  7. I thought about May baskets this morning. My sister and I made may baskets for an elderly neighbor when I was a little girl. My mother told us about May baskets. She said they made them when she was a little girl. She was born in 1912 so that was many years ago.

  8. I'm still learning how to post comments. I didn't think my first one was posted. Eventually, I will learn.

  9. With snow on May 1st you really needed to celebrate May day to keep up your spirits. My husband is from nothern Michigan, by the bridge, and remembers a Mother's Day in his youth, that the lawn furniture was covered in snow.

    I'll send some warm weather your way.

  10. I agree, winter can STOP...NOW!!!!! We had 6" on the ground yesterday morning. Today all but a few patches are gone - thank goodness. We need sun, warm and oh yes, the wind can stop now too! Keep these posts this summer when it gets hot. LOL

  11. We had temps below 32 and we also had some snow. It didn't stick (at least... not yet) but I agree that it ought not to happen in May. Grrrr!

  12. Happy May Day to you, too, Connie. It was a lovely sunny day here in Washington state. We even got to normal temperatures, and we were all filled with smiles. Just like that little girl in 1954 with all the May baskets.

  13. Yes, it is the 7th straight month of snow. :(

  14. This is my theory, the more snow, and the later you get it, the more you deserve a beautiful summer. Let's hope that my theory holds true for you deserve the best summer ever.

    How very frustrating to wait, and wait, and wait. But it is inevitable, and it will happen.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Seeing the same tree and the row of lilac bushes in both photos is so wonderful! That continuity is very moving.

  16. We are May Day supporters as well. Way too fun! Didn't do much this year as far as May Baskets or a May Pole but we relished our one day of sunshine. Tommorrow it will rain. I am so sorry for your snow. We are still running about two or more weeks behind normal here, depending on the flower or bush you happen to look at. I'm about to order some giant heaters in space. Not the same a space heaters. I will order a couple extra, some to point to Roy and some to point to you.

  17. What a great picture of you from years gone by...

  18. I really like the old fashioned yellow and brown iris. I am hoping that they bloom well around here this year. I have a bunch that were given to me that lay in the basement waiting for warm weather.

  19. I'm cryin' my lilac bushes buds got lilacs this year!

    You on the other hand look so stinkin' cute with all your beautiful May baskets lined up in the snow. Thanks for sharin' your little girl self!

    God bless and enjoy your day sweetie...believe me, I'm longin' for spring too! :o)

  20. Oh no - not more snow! (We're getting some here too!)

    You are just so cute with your May baskets in that photo!


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