Friday, June 12, 2009

Prairie Smoke

Nope nothing is on is a plant. Geum triflorum to be exact, better known as Prairie Smoke, or old man's whiskers or old mans beard. This is another plant native to Minnesota. It grows wild in the ditches, we have several plants here, another of Far Guy's acquisitions..after all he was the Native Plant expert. He ordered a bunch from a Native Wholesale Nursery..they have grown well here in the "Wildflower Gardens".

Prairie Smoke, note the distinctive foliage, this is one of Far Guys plants.

One of the advantages of growing plants native to your area, is that they will rarely croak. They won't be upset with your watering or fertilizing schedule, or sub zero temperatures day after day, you don't have to fuss with them and cover them up with leaves in the fall and uncover them again in the spring. They just grow and thrive wherever they are. No, they won't be drop dead gorgeous all summer, they have limited bloom times, but you won't have to replace them every year either. Here in the boonies every week something new is blooming, something exciting, something that not everyone has in their yard.

This is what it looks like growing wild in area ditches. Click on the photo to enlarge!

I have not purchased any plants this year, not a one. It is not that I don't enjoy flowers, because I do. I just refuse to be a slave to a watering hose. Sure I enjoy photographing flowers, but I have a whole lot more fun hunting for them with my camera than I ever did actually growing them. That may seem foreign to you, but when you are off watering, fertilizing, deadheading and weeding..I am enjoying the native plants..which have over the years adapted to their natural environment. God provides the rain, and the leaf duff..and I just reap the rewards:)
It's plumes look like little puffs of smoke, or tiny feather dusters..or old mens long beards. This was a plant blooming in the ditch:)


  1. Love the pics - although for a moment, you were about to tell us some past tales of wacky backy (wacky baccie?)

  2. you nailed it. That is exactly what we are here. Slaves to our yard. Darn.

  3. These are beautiful! You are (both) just amazing gardeners.


  4. Sorry Lady wacky backy here, we do get checked out occasionally..we still have one greenhouse. Some people would come through and ask "Growing anything really good?? " WINK WINK..
    Only flowers and veggies! :)

  5. Beautiful and I love your comments on God providing the rain.


  6. I can appreciate your take on things, I seem to be on fuchsia strike for that very reason right now. Who knows what else may go.

  7. Very pretty flowers. I love the "puffs". The pictures are so good when enlarged. You must be loving that new camera!

    Kisses for Chance!

    Emma Rose

  8. I love that you shared a native plant to MN with a southern girl. So much fun to see something unique - they are really interesting blooms.

    Wishing you a very good weekend.

  9. That plant is gorgeous, so different. And I agree with you on the native thing. It's why I've only planted a few pots my first year in KS, just to brighten up around the house. I want to do more research before I willy-nilly plant things around the house, and keep it as maintenance free as possible!

    Love your new header, you are always changing it up. But I really love this one. Seriously. :)

  10. Stunning, never heard of it, want one for my garden. Do you think it will grow here?


  11. Muddy Boots, Yes I believe you could grow it up and over there where you live! Planted in a dry you have any of those?? LOL :)

  12. Emma Rose, Yes I do like the new still frustrates me sometimes ..but I AM getting older!
    Oz Girl, Do you think I change the header too often?? I get bored with the same old one..and like to keep it meaningful and current of Minnesota views.
    Judy, Good to see you all the way from California! (It was about time you got over here! ) Judy is part of the Altered books exchange!! Supposidely she piled a lot of good poop in my book!! LOL..I can't wait to see that book:)

  13. We call them Old Man's Whisker's here but yours are so much prettier. Must be the moisture. I loved the bearded iris pictures. I honestly think they are one of my favorite plants. (Maybe it's because I can actually grow them.)

  14. Nope, you don't change it too often. Change is good. Right?

    Re: the comments and response to comment discussion on my blog. I'm still thinking. I want to go back to Martini Mom's blog and review her 111 comments or so on this topic, and then look at the comments I got, then do a summary post. I'm still thinking... maybe I'll do that post next week. :) In the meantime, a simple dog photo for today will suffice. I'm tired...


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