Friday, January 14, 2011

A Winter Garden

My garden in the winter lays quietly under the snow, sleeping,  resting, languishing in its frozen state waiting to be called from its snowy icy slumber when the snow melts and the spring sunshine slowly warms the earth.

The Winter Garden

All the weeds are enjoying the snow cover, I think they like the party atmosphere of a snow bank and they multiply under there all winter long.  Not a one of them dies from the harsh winter or the frost heaving the ground…every spring they attack the perennials with renewed pleasure..


Parts of the garden that we used to till are now mowed..plants have reseeded in spots they have chosen..some plants like the Lupines just sow themselves and grow wherever their seed lands.  I gave up on weed is what it is..weeds are beautiful too. 

Life is too short to be concerned with how many weeds you have in your garden..if you waste all your time on the weeds you will forget what you really planted your garden for..


the flowers..the ones that are strong enough and tall enough to live amongst the weeds.

Two things happened recently.

The first:   Nanna nanna boo boo..God is going to get you..and I will stand at the side lines and clap.  A Doctor at a local clinic is finally being sued for malpractice…it is way past time..I would testify against her ( Doctor She Devil) in a heartbeat. If you think that sounds cruel..perhaps it is..but having a license to practice medicine does not give you the right to batter your patients. Someone finally had the guts to stand up and say..enough is enough.

The second : My girls are 35 and 38 years old..well this year they will be 36 and 39..but that is the point..hopefully they will both celebrate their birthdays this year.  I have a friend in blogland whose son died yesterday morning..he was 33.  His death was anticipated after the cancer diagnosis last June.  Cancer never wins..Nathaniel won in the end..he tromped all over cancer as he marched victorious into heaven:)


  1. Hi Connie, Sorry to hear about your friend's son. With the recent horrific events in Tuscon, we are reminded just how fragile life really is. Your garden photos are so pretty and that handsome Chance romping around in the background! I continue to pray for you, Far Guy and your family. May the new year hold many blessings for each of you, Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. What a lovely post, Connie! I zipped over and left a little message. Losing a child has to be the worst. I've lost my parents and my grandparents and my best friend/sister and other friends, but never a child. I hope I don't. I should be first.


  3. I like the photos of your garden in both seasons, but admit, I'd rather see green.

    I'm sorry for your recent loss. My best friend's daughter would have been 27 on the 27th of this month. She was just beginning her adult life when a careless driver cut it short. Events like these do make me realize how blessed I am to have my children with me on this earth.

  4. Losing a child at any age would be very hard. May God comfort Nathaniel's family. I LOVE your wire wheel gate or whatever it is. What do you use it for? I miss having a garden but our well water is too high sulfate to grow a garden. Shoot! We have to haul our drinking water. It's a pain but I can least do laundry and bathe in it.

  5. I like the natural look of your garden. I need to worry less about weeds and allow my garden to thrive like yours.

    Such sad news about your friend's loss. A very good friend of mine unexpectedly lost her four month old grandson yesterday to a sudden illness. I can't begin to imagine the depth of her grief or the ache she is feeling. I think losing a child/grandchild would be harder than any other type of loss. One thing it does do is give us reason to hug ours tighter and be thankful for every day they are with us.

  6. Cancer is evil. It sort of reminds me of the ground weeds beneath your snow...lurking below, waiting to burst forth and take over.
    I hope your daughters celebrate 50 more birthdays...and many many more for you, too. :)


  7. Laughing at Orca Ranch - That is a good analogy of the cancer, lurking out of sight, reproducing wildly like the weeds....Horrible disease.

    I like the wild, cottage type gardens, and not so much the formal ones, like yours:)

  8. That is just sad about such a young man.....SAD.

    I love the spring garden pic's......nice to see with all this snow.

  9. I also just love to see all those flowers amongst the weeds, it's such a nice contrast to all the snow. I read yesterday that 49 out of the 50 states have snow right now!

  10. Love your photos and property !
    Sorry to hear about your friends son, cancer is what took my dad 15 years ago he was only 60 even that is to young let alone 33, our hearts and prayers go out to their family !

  11. We're reminded daily how fagile life is. Praying for all families with sad hearts due to loss of a loved one.

  12. I love your weedy garden.
    They say time heals all wounds but in the case of a lost child.... It's been twelve years now since our oldest son. He was 27.

  13. Nice pictures and posts great!

  14. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the dog who grew up in your garden!! Chance enhances any photo, doesn't he?
    Yes, Praise God for the life HE gives us to live and we will pray for the mom having to bury her son. That just is too heart-breaking to even consider thinking about.

  15. so sorry about your friend's son. That is beyond heartbreaking.

    I have a stepdaughter (bonus daughter) who just turned 35 and another (bonus daughter) who will be 30 in May....aren't WE still in our 30s? How did THAT happen?

    Your garden is beautiful in it's natural state...those are my favorite kinds.

  16. Sorry to hear about your friend's son.

    I do love weeds - some of them are beautiful! And anyway, what some call weeds, I call flowers!

  17. Hubby was walking by as I was viewing the pictures in this post and he stopped to see the garden pics. I like how you describe the weeds being able to withstand the winters. Tough weeds, aren't they? So sorry to hear about your friend's son. So young.

  18. It is good heaven is ready. My friend John up in there right now organizing marathons to run. I have added two new people on my prayer list. Young teacher friend for many years just told he has lymphoma and the the daughter in law of my John and Iva connection has liver cancer. Every new day is a blessing and there are so many more things to appreciate than worrying about weeds.


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