Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wistful Wednesday: 1965-1966

When I was 14 or 15 and my baby brother was 11 or 12, my Dad came home from working in Minneapolis/St. Paul one Friday night and he had a surprise for us. A Yamaha 50 Scooter/Motorbike..a 1965 or a 1966.

If I recall correctly it was supposed to be used to get us back and forth from the back field faster than a bicycle.

My baby brother and I had a blast with this little motorbike.  We learned hand signals and everything..they were all explained in the Owners Manual..which I read several times cover to cover. 

Carey on Yamaha 50 1965 or 1966 My baby brother was especially fond of this motorbike. I took this photo of him the year I took photography for a 4-H project.

Cathie and Connie on the Yamaha 50 1966 I took Cathie one of my friends from High School for a spin. I will guess that Cathie’s Mom took this photo.

Having a motorbike was fun.. sure we got a few scrapes and cuts..and I used to burn my leg on the muffler regularly.  This little motorbikes top speed was about 35 miles per hour..plenty fast for me.

It would appear the my baby brother is revisiting his youth.  He called me the other day and said “Bought myself a Christmas present!”   I encouraged him to be careful and to always wear his helmet.


I did send him a email that said “Saw a guy that was in a motorcycle accident one day he had road rash all over his body..and he looked like one big scab..but he was alive thanks to his helmet.”

I wanted to say more..but I bit my are you nuts? you are getting too old to revisit your youth..why didn’t you buy a flashy red convertible and a new hat?  ..did you know that machine weighs 957 pounds?  I should have encouraged him to stick to the back woods gravel roads..stay off the Oregon there are more than one or two people on the road at the same time..instead I just said “Be Careful” big bossy sisters should just shut up sometimes.Carey_&_Beth_and_New_Bike Besides that he looks happy!  Thank you to Mark K for the photos, I think he is part of that same over fifty searching for our youth motorcycle gang as my brother:)



Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

'Get your motor runnin'...head out on the highway!!! You bro. sure looks like he's rip roarn' ready for the adventure!!! Maybe he was just born to be wild!!! Heeehehehe!

What great pics...old and new. My Dad brought home a go~cart for me one time. I was sooooo thrilled but Mama said "NO" and it was gone before I even had a ride. {{{SIGH}}}

God bless and have a funfilled day sweetie!!! :o)

LindaG said...

He does indeed look happy. And they're economical, gas wise.
Lots of older bikers now, too.

I understand your concern though. Not what I would have chosen either. ;-)

Have a good day!

Karen said...

My 22 year old son bought a motorcycle this summer. Does he realize how stressful that is for a mother:(?
He did have the sense though to take a full set of lessons. He said he was the youngest in the group, and most of them were my age!
Helmets are mandatory here, thank goodness.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

We wait to hear if you buy one too.


Judy said...

New motorcyclists need to take classes...I've been riding since 1977...tried to teach my kids last summer, and I think the best thing is to take a class...makes them safer for them and others...

Shirley H. said...

I see in the pictures that your brother at least is wearing proective clothing and the helmet. Not that leather will prevent all cuts and scrapes, but it will help.
I don't like motorcycles either. I think they are so dangerous.

DJan said...

My BIL and sister ride and have for many years. I used to worry, but even with a few mishaps they are far happier because of riding than they would be without it. And he does look happy, doesn't he?

lisa said...

I love motorcycles, my dad had one for years until he decided to go for a fishing boat. The hubbies side of the family don't like them at all. Lovely pictures though!

Anonymous said...

I love your old photos. Your brother is braver than I am. I hope he will enjoy many safe and happy journeys on his new bike. I think I've been on a motorcycle 3 times in my life and I burned my leg too!

Lanny said...

Had to laugh and giggle snort and thank you for holding your tongue. When Dirt bought our bike (seven years ago) my phone and e-mail was flooded with warnings, including pictures, as if we lived in a vacuum and were unaware. What is funny however, and I do know that most likely statistics don't bare me out, but when I was a nurse I took care of more truck drivers that ended up in the hospital and convalescent home than motorcyclists. But where would we younger sillier beings be without our older sisters? (It's easier to hop up on a bike than crawl in and out of sporty car - just sayin'.)

Emma Rose said...

Well, at least you have the comfort of knowing he will only ride it 3 months of the year. It rains the other 9 months!

Kisses for Chance!
Emma Rose

PS How's that hand???

West Side of Straight said...

Oh what fun. I'd like to do that, but can you see Steve doing that? ha. Carey does look happy!

Anonymous said...

Must have been fun having a motorbike as a kid. Looks like your brother is enjoying his new childhood again...

The Silver Age Sara said...

Oh, I loved the photos. I always enjoy seeing photos from days past and you sure did look like you're having fun. I'd say that motorcycle is quite something. You just have to go live your dreams sometimes.

Rae said...

Great photos. You must of had a lot of fun.
My half brother was motor bike crazy when he was a kid. He is 10 years older than me. I remember him riding me around when I was little. It was always fun. Now you couldn't get me on one for a million dollars.