Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tidbits on Thursday

We had afternoon coffee at the neighbors the other day.  I tried out a new muffin recipe on them..they were the guinea pigs. I asked them to please tell me the truth..if the new recipe sucked we could just pitch them out for the turkeys .

IMG_1122These are male turkeys..I have no idea if they are Jakes ( yearling turkeys) or Toms (more than one year old).  I wanted to show you their beards..which is the hair like tuft that protrudes from the center of their chest..and those spurs..the Indians used to make arrows from them.  I took this photo out of the window.


Dave feeds the turkeys and the deer year round. While we had coffee and goodies, the turkeys and the deer did a dance..the deer came out of the woods one by one..then a few minutes later here came the turkeys.  The deer chased the turkeys off, but as soon as the deer left the turkeys came back..until the deer showed up again.

Five deer and three turkys

I do not approve of feeding bunches them up and they can spread disease in feeding areas through their saliva.  We do not feed the deer at our house..unless you count the bird feeders that are sometimes emptied during the night. Many silver hairs in this area feed the deer..I have heard “Oh we just like watching them”  it must be one of those rites of the ageing.

Oh ya the muffins were a hit. It was just a regular bran muffin recipe that I added tart unsweetened dried cherries to.  It seems I ordered 10 pounds of tart unsweetened dried cherries when I should have ordered sweetened ones.  Next I am going to try them in brownies.  We like dried cherries..the bing cherries I dried in the dehydrator are ok..and the small packages I purchased in town are fantastic..but these unsweetened dried ones will really pucker you up.  Lesson learned ..or it will be by the time I get ten pounds of them baked into something.

Just so you know, I won some kind of lottery..I am not sure how many Euros make a million dollars..but I think I have several million, at least that is what the email said.

We have been chosen once again to be a Nielson TV Rating household.  This is the third time we have been chosen..they must have my number..either that or they don’t really believe that someone can have the TV turned to the weather channel and watch it off and on all day long.

Now for a delicate subject.  Word know those pesky little words that make no sense what so ever?   Blogger has a new spam filter..a good one..the word verification is obsolete…it is just a pain in the butt.   Furthermore there are people that insist on using it plus they also moderate comments..what is up with that? Why would you use both? ( I do moderate comments on posts that are more than three days old.)   I am trying to understand..I find it really irritating to type and sometimes retype a word to leave a comment.  So sometimes I do not leave you a comment.  GO ahead be daring..try going naked..without the word verification..and see what happens ..if you are inundated by spam then you can always turn the word verification back on:)  

****** My daughter the English Professor just pointed out that I should have told you how to go about turning off your word verification.  OK.. Go to your Dashboard> Find the blog that you want to change the settings on>click on Settings>then Comments>scroll down to Comment Moderation and make your choice>scroll down to Word Verification and chose no> SAVE YOUR SETTINGS!  Then you are done:)


  1. I agree on the word verification...but then, I have not gotten any nasties in my comments either...

    Send some of the dried cherries up here if you don't want them...I'll try them baked in anything...

  2. Oops...Didn't realize I was doing word changed...

  3. Our turkery's don't have the beard...or at least I have never seen it. Pretty cool. We don't feed the deer either. They do feed themselves, but that is a different story.


  4. Love the turkey and deer pictures! Ohh I'm trying the naked side - will anybody notice?

  5. I don't approve of feeding deer either, and don't get me started on the Elk Refuge by Jackson, WY under the guise of helping the elk. Pure and simple it is a tourist attraction, and since it is so entrenched, it can not be eliminated.

  6. Sometimes I crave that curl your lip tart. Have you tried dousing them with dark chocolate? And pecans...

  7. I don't like word verification either but decided to check my ramblings blog and oooops! It's no longer there :0) I know about the spam filter as it works well on my crafty blog but I do moderate comments on that one that when they're on posts more than 7 days old.
    Beautiful pics of the deer and turkeys. Wonderful wildlife on your doorstep and, although the deer are a nuisance to you they are beautiful.

  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so glad you mentioned that nasty verification thing. It annoys the heck out of me too. The spam blocker really does the trick anymore. And a person can always use the magic trash can to dump any unwanted comments.
    Those are some great photos. It would be hard resisting the urge to feed the deer - they are beautiful creatures.
    I did that Nielson thing last year. Never again. It requires lots of input and they send a book to fill out for every TV in your house. Even if the TV is turned off 24 hours a day you still have to make book entries. Way too much trouble.

  9. Here I've been a farm chick for 58 years and never heard the term "Jakes" before. Guess ya can teach an old farm chick new tricks! :o)

    I'm with ya all the way on feedin' the deer and on word verification. I've always ran my blog "nec~kid" and just trashed anything that didn't fly right.

    Your critter pictures are marvelous.

    Have a beautiful day and a bite of muffin for me..."K"???

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  11. Okay, but the teacher in me says why don't you help people figure out how to turn it off? Settings/Comments and then "Show word verification?" No. Then click Save!

  12. I took word verification off , please put your sweet comments on my blog now. You sound more like my sister all the time. LOL she said I always was a pain in the butt.

  13. Hi: What I hate about word verifications is that with many it is impossible to even read the wiggly squiggly letters and I end up typing in several verifications till I get to one that I can read.
    I am glad that you do not use these.

  14. Perhaps they sent you the wrong item.
    We have ordered 1 item from a company for, I don't know, 15 or 20 years. The item number has not changed in all those years. Yet one time last year they managed to send me the wrong item, whose number was one digit different.
    I looked at my copy of the order, and I had ordered the right item.
    Sorry for the long reply. I really enjoyed your post. :)
    I don't care for those verification things either. Fortunately I haven't had to use them.

  15. These are really nice pictures and the muffins sound very good with coffee.

  16. I didn't know that about jake's and tom's....learn something every day. I've always hate word verification.....that's why I went with Wordpress. It use to be much worse when they never used a vowel and I typed the wrong letters all the time. Have the time I forget and my comment goes down the tube on those blogs that still use it.

  17. Beautiful photos.
    you crack me up thanks for the laugh ! Have a great day !

  18. I stopped the word verification a while back, thinking I would change back if I got a lot of spam, which I don't. I love your pictures of the great turkeys and deer. :-)

  19. Hi! I saw your comment regarding my book review at Caren and Cody's place and U wanted to drop by and say hello.

  20. I turned my word verification off a while ago, and have got some spam. I have the comments emailed to me, so know right away if spamming comments get through. For some reason though a lot of them didn't end up on the post, I just got them in my inbox. Weird.
    When I first started commenting on other blogs, I did lose some comments getting the verification word right, but seem to have got over that now. I actually have fun seeing if I can relate the verification word to the post or my comment somehow, so it doesn't bother me having to type it in.
    Those are nice looking turkeys. Nice to see the deer, but I don't like the damage they do in the summer, so I wouldn't encourage them to hang around.

  21. I HATE word verification! Very very unnecessary and yet almost everyone on Blogger has it on... Those of us on Wordpress have it off because the spam filter is so good.

    Fabulous pictures of the turkey and the deer!

  22. I love your new header. Have a great weekend... stay warm.

  23. I'm with you, I hate word verification and only occasionally comment on blogs that have them. By the way, I love those kinds of cherries. I try to eat cherries every day, for my gout. Clears it up in just a few days. But if I forget to eat cherries for a spell (which I seem to do too often) the gout comes back and it is a miserable few days until the cherries take effect. So don't throw them out, just throw them this way! :_

  24. A Woman after my own heart, or I really mean, thanks for saying something about the nastiest evil in blogdom. WORD VERIFICATION. Notice the caps. yes I am yelling. I hate it, and hate it and hate it. And then, after I jump through all those hoops, the comment is still not published. Thank you for spreading the word.

    Lets hope that more bloggers see the light. I have even been known to mutter " if they expect me to use word verification, and then they still want to moderate my comment, I won't bother". Seriously!

    Harsh, I know, but frankly, I just don't have enough hours in the day. And neither does anyone else.

    Sigh. My name is Jen, and that is my rant.

    About the turkeys, love them, always make me remember the ones that decided to use our brand new vehicle for a roost. And the deer, sigh...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams.


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