Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

It seems strange to type 2011. It will take me six months to remember that it is indeed 2011..especially when I write a check..sometimes I just go through and write in the correct  year for the entire packet of checks.

This is the year I turn sixty, it always seemed far away, not so much now.  I still have a ways to go as my birthday isn’t till Fall.  The blog may just have to change when I do. It will probably just become Far Side. I don’t have to think about it yet..I can still bury my head in a snow bank for awhile.


It snowed a little.  Now this probably looks worse to you than it is..our home is a split entry and we have two levels, up and down..we live down..cause it is cozy. The lower level windows are at ground level..I used to be able to see out this one..

The snow stick will tell the whole story measures snow on the inches.

DEcember 30 at noon      DEcember 31 11AM

December 30 at noon        December 31 at 11AM

Nine inches of new snow..what fun..

IMG_0440The Finnish Flag is dragging..yesiree I have a clothespin holding it to the hanger.  You can see where the snow stick is located. I am not sure how accurate it is..but it works for us.

It has snowed a couple more inches since yesterday..but the second storm we were supposed to get kinda fizzled.. the wind is supposed to come up later today.

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions yet..or put together any lists either.  We de-decorated the downstairs tree so we could put the carving table back up..not that I can carve or anything until these stupid stitches are out of my thumb. Far Guy is working on his model train scenery/stuff.

We watched a movie yesterday that Jen left for us..Sex and the City..I napped during most of on my movie scale it gets a 1.  I think it might be time to break out some good old Red Green:)


PeeJay said...

Oh my! You've certainly had some snow. Ours has all gone, thank heaven, as we're not really used to it in large doses - lol! This year, 2011, is also the year that I turn 60 in. Unfortunately I don't have to wait as long as you. Just another 29 days. Yep, I'm 60 before the end of the month. A very Happy New Year to you and yours. I shall continue to follow ...

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Love the idea of going through the checkbook and writing 2011 on all of the checks...pure GENIUS!!!!!!

I am born in the fall too!

60 Isn't bad (I am 55 though lol) My husband is 60 and will be 61 this Feb....we are as young as we feel!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Connie & Gene! John and I are amazed at all your snow. He says he doesn't think he could live in the snow again after so many years in the south. Connie, I know you will be thrilled to get those stitches out of your thumb. Hopefully, the pain is better and I hope Far Guy is feeling better too.

Lanny said...

The problem with thinking like Caren does is the big surprise in the mirror every morning when it isn't a sixteen year old staring back. Or when I notice that my youngest daughter is now older than me! But really it is true - age means nothing any more, unless of course you're looking forward to more discounts. No milestones for me this year. Or Dirt either. Not sure why ya gotta change yer name, isn't sixty on the far side of fifty, you're just becoming more of your name.

Dirt's little Swedish grandma warned him when she took him back to the homeland to be careful of the Finns on the plane, they carry knifes. So it was all true, you fly (well pin) a Finnish flag and carve stuff with knives.

Red Green is the best, but it got me in big fat ugly trouble with a young doctor who had no sense of humor whatsoever and Dirt has the scar to remind me of my ill timed comments.

Abra La Mente said...

We didn't get much snow this time around...rained all day Thursday, which caused a little ice on the roads and some seeping water in the basement--:-( Yesterday, we got ice balls (pebble sized hail)and sleet--I didn't slide on the roads much, but I do drive with caution, so I am sure they were more slippery than I knew. The rain helped to mat down our snow a bit; I am sure we still have 18 or so inches on the yard...I should measure.

I think you can keep your will always just be a little bit further on the farside of 50. ;-) I miss reading, and one of my resolutions is to read and write more in 2010. I am also going to steal your idea and go write 2011 in a couple boks of checks! :-)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best Wishes to the whole Farside Family!!

Connie Peterson said...

We didn't get the snow that was "promised" and canceled out plans for naught! Sigh ... but we are getting snow today.

Hope your year is happy - your thumb heals and Far Guy feels better.

Lynda said...

The blue glass against the pure white snow is gorgeous! Praying that next Saturday your thumb will be close to normal again. It is very difficult for us who are very active to switch gears for more than a day.

Rita said...

I hope you can hang in there till Monday to get the stitches out and not be begging Far Guy to take a scissors to them. We got a bit of snow in Fargo, but I don't know how much exactly. I love your yardstick, BTW. Happy New Year!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Connie - our Scottish snow has gone too (hurray!) Hope your stitches come out very soon and you can get back to business as usual :-) Jo

Jeanne Estridge said...

You know, technically you'll still be on the Far Side of Fifty.

Just a little farther.

Take care and stay warm!

DJan said...

Everyone else said it for me: you know I am 68 but I'm also still on the far side of fifty, just a little farther away than you. And here's hoping those stitches are intact with that doctor gets to them. You seem to be hanging in there. BTW, I also LOVE your "Nostalgia" picture, just LOVE it! Hope you win.

LindaG said...

You'll still be on the far side of 50. ;-)
I remember when turning 18, 21, 25 etc., seemed a long way away, haha. So I know how you feel.

Happy New Year to you all! :-)

Red said...

I'm always looking for the opportunity to hang around with "young people." You fit the bill being in your "50's. I like to follow your descriptions of daily life.

Karen said...

Yep, you'll still be the Far Side of Fifty, but if you want to change it to Sixty, well what's two letters between friends:)!
That's a lot of snow. We have had that amount at times. Exciting for a short time, but it gets 'old' pretty fast. I'll take our weather, thanks:)

gayle said...

I love your snow pictures looking out your windows!

Leah said...

Glad you are staying in and staying warm.... mm mmm fresh bread sounds wonderful! We have shoveled and blowed snow, repeat and repeat! The guys went out on the sleds yesterday and only got stuck over and over again! Will try to get out again tomorrow if not too cold! Happy New Year!

Judy Johnson said...

Happy New Year! The word from western North Dakota is snow, well make that two words, snow and cold. I really enjoyed the post previous to this one and how you did the yearly updates! Keep warm and think spring!

Anonymous said...

Love the peace dove in your window. And hurray - the stitches are coming out tomorrow!

CiCi said...

Next year your blog could be Far Side Of Fifty but line through the Fifty and then put Sixty. Ha. The snow stick is sure handy to have in your yard. This year our yard is nothing like that yet. Last year it was though.

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The Retired One said...

I am of Finnish descent too...My husband is too...that explains all the vowels (a-a-a) in my last name..and my daughter married someone with double ii's in his last name (and is part Finn too) That explains all the stubbornness and that speaking of our minds, right? LOL

Pamela said...

me 2 (shh... the year I turn 60.)
Don't change your name. As long as you keep breathing dear, you'll be on the far side of 50.

Rae said...

I am sorry to say I don't envy all your snow. We had a big melt here and all our snow is gone. Now we have mud and yuck everywhere.
I am sneaking up right behind you on the senior age thing. I never thought I would make it to 50, let alone 60. We should have a special celebration for your birthday and blog renaming this year:)

DayPhoto said...

You are still a baby...I'll be 62 in two weeks! Man, to think of it 62! and 2011! Gosh, I remember thinking in the first grade that 2000 was an amazing amount of time away, and 40 was ancient! I've repeated and think 90 is an amazing time away. What year that will be is so far out there I can not even figure it.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I've got a year and a half before it hit that sixty wall but I refuse to age baby!!!

It drives Geek Son crazy when asked if I'm his 'wife' Heeehehehehe. Let me tell ya, you can hear the Nooooooooooo...for miles! :o)

Hope those stitches came out slick as a whistle!

God bless and enjoy this day!!!