Sunday, August 29, 2010

German Postcard

I WILL not be collecting postcards, just so you know, and my husband can relax. Collecting old photographs is enough of a sickness.
This postcard was included in with a group of photos that I purchased. German Postcard
This piece of ephemera was printed in Saxony..which is a State in Germany.
German Postcard Back Here I thought it might be classified as a French Postcard…only to find out it is German.  I imagine in its time it was considered quite scandalous, after all she is showing off her ankles and her shoulders.  I like than she is not all skinny and bony..she may even be considered plump by today's standards.

When I first started collecting old photographs, I had one box full. I added a small file container which I keep shoved under my desk.  It holds  photos I want to scan or have scanned and will use shortly on my Forgotten Old Photos Blog.

Recently I cleaned out my files and packed away all the photos I have used, they partially filled a Rubbermaid container.  I can hear my girls now, “ Mother was nuts..wasn’t she?”

I have returned a number of photographs to family members of those pictured in the old photos. Not nearly enough to make a dent in the collection..the other day I purchased an old trunk..Far Guy said “What are you going to store in there?  Christmas Ornaments or Old Photographs?”    Maybe both:)

Thanks everyone for taking a guess with the Mystery Item yesterday, it turned out to be a hog scraper.  Many of my readers were able to identify it!  Thanks!

I do have one reader in North Dakota who had a totally off the wall idea..his taste in beer is always evident!  His idea was called a Country Club Balancer:) 


  1. WOW ! wonderful post card ! and back in that erra they liked their women with some meat lol as my grandpa would put it ! The men in our family say a little meat is wonderful , gives ya something to cuddle ! lucky for us women !

  2. As for the mystery item ! ok ya, I guess it could be a beer holder ! lol one will never know ! I hope you solve this mystery items purpose ! Have a great day !

  3. I'll have to show it to Steve, see if he knows what it is?!?!!! Think it's been awhile since he's taken time to ck out blogs. Spose to scrape hide when butchering.

  4. Are your photos labeled? Or have I asked you that before? When my mother died, we had some photos that had to be tossed because we had no clue who was in them. My mom had dementia in the latter couple of years due to kidney problems, etc. She and I would look at the pictures and I would ask about them. I would label them according to her answer. It was obvious when her mind was failing her because she would look confused and say, "I'm a little tired now. Let's wait until another day and do more." That happened more and more often which made me realize she didn't remember who was in the photo anymore than I did. But I must admit - - - when I look at the picture of my sixth year old birthday party (almost 54 yrs ago), I don't know any of the kids around the table with me! I say, "Keep collecting. Let the kids wonder one day just like we did with our parents."

  5. That post card is pretty amazing! That last one is pretty funny.

  6. I love looking at those old photographs and postcards, too. It's such a different way of life then we are used to know.


  7. I love old postcards and photos.

    Since I have never scraped a hog, I do not feel so badly about not knowing what the item was.

  8. What a lovely young woman that is, but so shockingly daring with those bare sholders and ankles!Tsk tsk...

  9. I can imagine that post care would raise some eyebrows back in the day. I presumed it was french too and was surprised to read it was German.

    I have some old 'racial' postcards from 1950-51 that belonged to my parents. Thanks so much for sharin' your card.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  10. The postcard has a lot of history. It is amazing how that was so flirty compared to what is going on today.

  11. Very telling post card photo. Bet you would actually have a hard time finding a photo in that era that had similar subject matter.

    Our friend who runs a pawn shop says he has run into some interesting stuff on digital cameras that come out of pawn before they go to the shelf for sale.

  12. Not only is she showing her ankles (and legs - GASP) and shoulders, but she is in her under-garments!!!! Shame, shame, you hussy! I love it - it is so authentic as to the clothing! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Loved the card...what a 'wild' girl!!!



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