Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: Sixty Years Later

Grandma and Grandpas place in about 1949

This is a photo taken at my Maternal Grandparents farm.  This photo was taken about sixty years ago in 1949 or 1950.  Left to right are: A neighbor lady and her child, my Aunt Marion, Uncle Al with his hand on his chin, Aunt Toots, unknown little girl, and standing in the background one of my other uncles..Delbert, Dennis or Butch..he is too far away to identify. 

I always thought my Grandparents driveway made a circle behind the this photo it is quite obviously that at one time the driveway was in front of the house and you entered directly into what I would call the dining room.  Later a porch must have been added to the front..that is where they kept the two deep freezers full of wonderful food, and the Christmas tree at Christmas time..and a rocking chair with a magazine rack.  A Cuckoo Clock from Germany hung high on the wall..the little dancers would pop out of their doors on the hour and on the half hour.  A row of windows lined the porch.  There was a funny little window high on the wall in the kitchen that looked into this porch..I am not sure what the function of that window was..a pass through..or maybe my Grandmother wanted a pretty stained glass window there to look at while she sat at the kitchen table.  She sat some of her favorite knick knacks on the ledge of that window.

My Grandfather had a garden back to the east of the old chicken coop where the soil was rich and black..he grew everything there.  If you could grow it, he did, and my Grandmother canned and froze all the produce.

Cabbage at Grandma and Grandpas old farm The other day we drove by.  Grandpas Alfalfa field is now a garden.

Grandpa and Grandmas Old Farm The new occupants are Amish and they have a produce stand and bakery, but it is not open on Sunday.  We will try to go back another day.  My Grandpa would have been happy to see that someone is gardening properly again.

 Grandpa and Grandmas old Farm August 2010The only things that are the same is the old garage which is not visible in these photos..the machine shed on the right and the Oak trees out front.  Everything else has changed:)


  1. What sweet and vivid memories. Lovely that at least the trees are still there and how great that someone is farming again. I hope you'll share your visit to the Amish stand.

  2. Beautiful images! It makes me long for the country more than I already do. Hugs. Tammy

  3. Nice that the new occupants are caring for and enjoying all that your grandparents did also...My grandmother came from a house very similar to this was in lower Indiana and was built by her father...I have a picture somewhere...

  4. How inspiring for me today! A few morning chores, a bit of harvesting, off to take Anna to take her written test for her permit (the permit was one of Dad's stipulations and now is sort of a joke with everyone)then we are going to buy some relish making supplies and some itty bitty jam jars to put it up in for wedding favors. And your post about your grandparents is giving me the boost I need!

  5. I like thinking about my grand's farm makes me wish I was a little girl again.

  6. Would love to go with you when you go to check if their food stand is open. Would be fun to see the inside of that house again. Are you feeling better today.

  7. Great memories and picture! I'm sure the Amish are farming and gardening well. It would be neat to buy some veggies or something from them, knowing it is from the old family land. :)

  8. It is always amazing to go back to one's roots, but it makes me melancholy too.

  9. How wonderful to see the old homestead still in use and being gardened! It all looks lovely and lush.

  10. Your post got me thinking about the farm house my mother's parents had in Milton Mills, New Hampshire. I was there last when I was about 7 years old - so its been many years since...

    I can still see in my mind the livingroom fireplace with a hearty fire going, the hand crank on the washing machine to wring the clothes, and can smell the scent of warm sunlight on small, wild strawberries that grew on the rocky field behind the house near the low wall of rock at the far edge of the property. My grandmother couldn't drive and was a Boston city woman all her life - hop on a street car, go everywhere and anywhere. The farm was... nearly exile for her - she made friends with the haridresser lady in town (all of 5 buildings back then) and got a ride there once a week to have her hair done - and no one ever saw her hair except grandpop!


    Someday I need to go back there and see what has become of the place. I hope its like your wonderful story - and little changed from the open fields and small farm house.

  11. I loved hearn' about your grandparents place. Sometimes it's hard to go back because time never stands still and things change. I'm lookin' forward to the pics you take when ya do go back.

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day Connie!


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