Sunday, October 19, 2008

Squeaky Wheel

Persistence pays off.. some times slowly. Good things come to those who wait.

As most of you know Far Guy has a rare disorder, that we have found out is not so least in this area.

I struggled to get MY Opinion in the local paper. Finally It happened, I have since written a update..well they didn't want to publish it..instead they wanted to interview me. I declined. I told them, I only have the knowledge to share, the real stories are with the true heroes of Trigeminal Neuralgia...and that they should come to the support group meeting next week and interview a cross section of the people attending. Nope they don't want to do that... yet. But they will be interviewing Far Guy sometime tomorrow. I volunteered him..he only shook his head and said "Well you are going to have to help me." And I will..the best I can. I will try really hard to be on his wave length tomorrow. He is a bit..well maybe.. a lot nervous. The Far Guy before TN would not be the least bit nervous, Far Guy now struggles with words...good thing he has me.. I am pretty good at words..fact is someone once described me as having diarrhea of the mouth...pleasant thought isn't it.. sometimes I just don't shut up..sometimes I stick my whole foot in my mouth..that's just me.

Far Guy had a fairly good week last week, the Witness Medication Program that I implemented back in September is working, you can read what I wrote about it in my Headed for the "Home" entry. Or perhaps you would like to read Far Guys take on the WMP.

Last Thursday was one of those days that Far Guy was dreading..a appointment with the Dental Hygienist. ( You may insert your favorite walking to the gallows music here.) I had talked previously with Chuck our Dentist about TN and had given him a heads up. He was familiar with TN and obviously had done some of his own research. I was concerned about the Hygienist.. so I went I have sat in a dental chair many times..but not with the same attitude as before. Janel is a wonderful hygienist, but people suffering from TN are different. I noticed her technique first hand and after my cleaning and polishing we had a chat. I explained to her about Far Guy, I gave her tips on how not to touch the right side of his face..not to rest her hand anywhere near his cheek. The water in the squirter thingy was way too cold..even though it is supposed to be room temperature. Still too cold..I suggested a cup of warm water. She promised me that she would try and make it as painless as possible for him. So in went Far Guy.. he was really apprehensive.. go.. get those teeth cleaned.. NOW!

He did really well, he had many painful Zingers, and she stopped at one point wondering if it was too painful for him, she could resume another day..Far Guy said "Hell no, lets get this over with." Far Guys teeth are one of the triggers for his TN pain. With a knowledgeable Dentist and a patient care is possible. I was grateful and breathed a huge sigh of relief ..we can put the Dentist behind us for at least six months. It was a much better turn out than I had imagined. What had I imagined...extreme pain with a trip to the ER... and possibly an admission into the Hospital..not too many people have to think about that just from a simple visit to the Dentist.

Awareness and advocate with a bring on that clueless reporter that wants a scoop:)


Jewel said...

You are a good wife, fighting for your husband, I bet you are his hero.

flydragon said...

I can't wait to read your post after the interview. Will you be standing next to Mr.farside, or next to the reporter while holding the hatchet?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you both survived the dentist... tomorrow's meeting sounds a lot more fraught with danger or laughter or both?

Unknown said...

I hurt just reading your blog.

You remind me os Esther. God gave you a voice for such a time as this. Blessings to you and Far Guy. I'm praying for you!

Unknown said...

Oh....about the steam mop. It's good on tile and laminate floors. My floors are solid wood and it works great. I bought it at K-mart for $79. It's better than a swiffer mop and not as hard to use as the old fashion mop. The steam loosens dirt and lifts it up. It's light weight too. No scrubing or getting down on your knees or butt LOL!