Saturday, October 4, 2008

Late Bloomers

We had temperatures of 27 degrees to greet us yesterday morning. Some of the flowers still survived, it must be the lake effect! So I thought I would share some of our late bloomers!

My climbing roses that don't really climb were looking great..I really must be a better pruner in the spring..cause they need to go up..not out. If you are curious they are "William Baffin" a great Canadian Climbing Rose that I just do not fuss with..or prune, or water or fertilize..but should. Then again maybe he does better with neglect..some plants are like that you fuss..but will bloom their hearts out. I so enjoy the late bloomers every Autumn. The colors seem more vibrant, each and every day they survive is like a welcome reprieve from the cold temperatures. Yes indeed I like late bloomers!

I watched part of the debate between Palin and Biden.. I think Sarah is a rose, and Biden is a thorn. I fell asleep again..the old checking for the holes in the eyelid thing..I am getting really good at it...don't know what I will do if I ever find one. I caught most of the debate way later.. CNN kept repeating it. I thought Sarah did well, I still like her...even if shes not perfect..she just may be a late bloomer:)


Unknown said...

Our tempteratures haven't dipped that low yet but I have had some late bloomers. I have to remind myself you are in Minnesota.

Sarah did hold her own. That was a good analogy about being a late bloomer. I know women have to work twice as hard to prove themselves and Sarah is no exception. But she's a barracuda when she needs to be!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those flowers are lovely :)

I love your analogy of late bloomers related to Sarah Palin.

Our temps are dropping daily. So far we're still in the low 40's, but I'm just not ready for winter.

On the west side of our mountains, down in the valley, it IS still summer with temps in the 70's and 80's. But we are at 7,000 ft up here and it's always at least 15 degrees cooler.
Nice during the scorching hot summers, but not so nice during the freezing cold winters. Brrr!