Friday, October 31, 2008

Defensive Driving Class

I took a class. It is over..thank goodness! In Minnesota when you are over 55, you can take a Defensive Driving Class and receive an extra ten percent off of your automobile insurance. It is an eight hour class, it was on Thursday nights.. now let me tell was a tough decision for me to commit to this class on a Thursday..because that is the night Survivor is on. I bit the bullet this time..because the next time the class was offered is in January..well I like going out on snowy 40 below zero night by myself even worse than missing Survivor. So I went to the class..yes I gave eight hours of my life up to sit in a room with elderly people to save my ten percent. Despite my bad attitude I learned a thing or two.

First thing: Wear your seat belt. This has never been a problem for me. As a previous Fire and Rescue EMT..the first time I was at an accident scene and the guy that had not been wearing his was trapped under his car and screaming ( screaming is a good thing..he had a good airway) ..would have convinced me if I had not been a seat belt user.

Second Thing: Fatigue causes 80,000 accidents a day. If you are sleepy..pull over and catch a nap. Sleep deprivation is cumulative. I have not slept well for it will take me years to catch up on my sleep. I may be napping more along the roadside.

Third Thing: The old ten and two hand it is more like eight and four or nine and three..why? When the air bag deploys your hands will go into your face. Not a problem for me I do not wear fancy rings..but just look at your own hands..all those purdy rings you have on will come back in your face at 180mph..and will leave some marks..they might even leave one of your eyes if you are no more ten and two for you. If you doubt me the next time you are in your car..try it out..a nine and three hand position rotates your hands and the rings on them down and away from your face.

Fourth Thing: North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin have the most DUI's per capita. What can I say..the winters are long up here, and many people drown their sorrows in alcohol. I am not one of those people...but have to watch out for the ones that are. I would like them all to have license plates that say..Drunk.. and a number.

Fifth Thing: Road Rage is on the increase. Ignore these people with their honking horns and hand signals. I have found winter to be the worst time..but I have my own form of revenge..a mitten..

Sixth Thing: Trucks are way bigger than my little old car..give trucks some room. If you cannot see them in their mirror..they can't see you either.

Seventh Thing: Teenage Drivers: They need some help. IF your kid is caught up in an unsafe situation..can they call you or will they think "I can't call home for a parents will kill me" They should be able to call you any time night or day..without to your kids..make a contract with they can always call you.

Eighth Thing: Cell phones are causing many accidents. Text messaging is now illegal in Minnesota.

So there is my thing or eight for the day. So you see it was not a total waste of time..maybe I reminded someone of something that may save their life or someone elses:)


Vodka Mom said...

I am printing this post and giving is to Sassy!!!AND- I will convince her AGAIN that she can always call me.

you had me at survivor........

RURAL said...

See already two of us have learned something new. I am going to remind myself to repostion my hands on the steering wheel. I don't wear rings, but you never know, the eye glasses would hurt, right? I have seen many many older ladies around here, with 2 black eyes. Obviously it is from the air bags.

Glad that you took the course, and we could learn something also.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Vodka Mom, Make some copies for her friends too! SO important!
Muddy Boots, I only wear my wedding band..but yes hands in my glasses at 180mph would blacken both my eyes. 8 and 4 or 9 and 3..keep those hands down! I have been at 10 and 2 for over fourty years..tough habit to break. Far Guy reminds me tho! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done you for attending the course - and thanks for sharing!

I'm going to have to watch where my hands go on the steering wheel from now on.