Thursday, October 9, 2008

Firehall Kids

Yesterday we helped out at the Firehall. The Head Start Kids at the nearby reservation school needed to learn about fire safety. About 25 three and four year olds showed up along with a few parents and grandparents. We did the Stop, Drop and Roll, NEVER Ever play with matches, and crawl to safety. We let them try on the helmets and a Firemans coat. We talked about dialing 911 in an emergency, and who whould show up? One little boy said "Not me." We let them walk through the ambulance, and through the back of one of the big fire trucks. We showed them how scary Firemen look all dressed up in their gear, that was probably not such a good some of them began to little girl sobbed the entire time. (Pink sweater, third from the left in the first row) One very happy future Firefighter! Fireman Far Guy and Fireman Mike look on.
Crawling to safety.

Fireman Mike with a willing "victim."
Just as a reminder it is never to early to talk with your kids about "Fire Safety." They should know Stop, Drop and Roll, and how to crawl under the smoke to safety, they should Never Ever play with matches, and never be afraid and hide during a fire. Every family should have fire drills and have an agreed upon meeting noses can be counted:)


Vodka Mom said...

we had the fire truck at our school the other day too! The kids LOVE it. However, if I have to listen to firefighter dave ONE more time I might shoot myself. I've been doing this TOO many years.

:-) gotta love the firemen.

Unknown said...

Good Job! Pat yourselves on the back. Education is the key to saving lives. You never know who will be affected.

Cute kids.

Anonymous said...

You're right! They did practise crawling under smoke a couple of years ago at the Fireman's Day.. and we have now got fire extinguishers... But we haven't had fire practice at home yet.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I loved the photos of the kids. Decades ago, when I was young, we always visited the fire department to learn about safety. It's wonderful to see the kids learning how to take care of themselves in an emergency while enjoying the experience.

Unknown said...

So many kids, and isn't it amazing how they all always love firetrucks and firemen. :) Safety first. :)