Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Photograph Wednesday Part VI

This is a picture taken in 1950, as was noted by Far Guys Mom. A picture of her father and his grandchildren, Street Rod on the left, Far Guys sister on the right, the little boys cradled in between their Grandfathers legs are Far Guy, Alaska Guy, and Street Rods brother. I love the simplicity of the photograph..and the patience of the old dog. Wanting to be near his master..but not real close to all those kids either.

Yesterday we said goodbye to Street Rod. The funeral was held in a quaint little country church in the woods in Minnesota. Far Guy and Alaska Guy were pallbearers. Alaska Guys Dad who is 92 was all tired out from the wake the evening before..he was just simply to tired to attend the burial of one of his sisters children. The service was lovely, the church was overflowing and the flowers were plentiful and beautiful.
The Military Honor Guard did the twenty one gun salute, the lonely buglers notes rang out clear and strong over the hillside.
The church ladies out did themselves with a "lunch" that had every salad, hotdish and cake from their church cookbooks. The pickles were awesome.

I had a short time for a visit with Ann a faithful blog reader. She gave me a tour of the hillside cemetery..recalling children plucked from this world too soon. reminding me that children are a gift on loan from God to be treasured every day.

Street Rod always called his Dad "Ernie".. I never knew why..but Street Rod held death at bay until after his grandsons birth in August, and then a little longer so he could get to know him. A little boy named quite appropriately "Ernie".. life goes on..through our children and then our grandchildren:)


Lattice said...

What a graceful tribute... We pray you peace.

Anonymous said...

The picture from 1950 is wonderful.
You are right. Life goes on through our children and grandchildren. Also through family members who have good memories of knowing you.
My thoughts with your and Street Rod's families.

RURAL said...

A eloquent and beautiful tribute. It is so wonderful that they are carrying on his name. My thoughts are with your families at this sad time.


Anonymous said...

A very poignant post. Thanks for sharing. My thoughts are with you and Far Guy.

alphawoman said...

I recently attended a military funeral in FL. (I may write about it...)We were queued in line. We went in and had the ceremony and as they were folding the flag over the hill and a piece away another 21 gun salute went off and the bugles softened notes of Taps came over to us. I was holding it together pretty well until then. It just opened the flood gates.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts. I try to photograph the Honor Guard and the Bugler..because those are images that the immediate family never gets to see:)