Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old Photograph Wednesday Part V

This picture was taken in June of 1951. It is Far Guy and his only living sibling..his sister.( He would have had much older twin siblings had they survived their premature birth back in 1942.) This photograph was taken at Far Guys parents house in the front yard looking west. The Gas Station in the background has an round sign that says "Pure" the other sign says "Bottle Gas" and something else that I cannot make doubt having to do with bottle gas. Notice the good car in the garage behind the children, and the really old one sitting out front. Also of note is all the clover in the grass! If you as a reader can ever provide insight, as to the make and years of cars..etc..your comments are always welcome! For the relatives..if you can remember anything at all about an ocassion or one of these old know how to contact me!

Cute kids weren't they? Older sister.. and baby brother. I have no idea what the occasion was..maybe they were all dressed up for church. Other than the time she dropped Far Guy on his head when he was a baby..she is a pretty good sister. She always tells him .."I didn't drop you on purpose" and then giggles.

Far Guys sister lives in southern Indiana, and has lived there since 1968. She calls Far Guy often, they go round and round about politics and other things. Her cell phone drives him nuts as the connection is not always the best. Sometimes he says I will call you back on your real phone, sometimes he just bosses her around and tells her to stand still while talking. Sometimes she trys to boss him around, someone had to take over that position in the family after Far Guys Mom died, and his sister gives it a good try.

Monday morning the phone rang..I answered.. It was Far Guys sister! She said "Oh my, I was hoping you wouldn't answer I suppose I will be in a blog now." She supposed correct. I have a multitude of stories to tell about her. After all she claimed the name Christy, after I had picked it as my favorite name for our first daughter. She declared it her "All time. number one name for her daughter someday" ..and then never used it..not even as a middle name. By that time, I had already birthed two daughters and was not going to birth another just so I could use the name she never did. She never even used it as a name for a dog. She was a perfect Aunt, she would fly in for a visit and spoil Trica with toys and games, spending large amounts of one on one time with Trica. Trica adored her.. so much so that one day she told Trica if she would fit in the suitcase she could go home with her. Trica promptly emptied the entire suitcase and climbed right in..of course she fit. Well. when I put a stop to the crawling in the suitcase thing I had to deal with a three year old crying and carrying on about "Going to Loolyville" for several weeks:)


RURAL said...

Oh my gosh! That could be a photo of my mom, except for the date. She is much older. But wow, that is just what she looked like....
A very intersting post, your family members will be thrilled to read all the fond memories.

DayPhoto said...

That could be a photo of me and my brother. I think I have the same dress in a photo somewhere. grin

Show you that I was born 1949 with my brother born 1952.


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely photo - she is holding Far Guy so tenderly... (Probably making up for all the times she dropped him on the head...)

Michelle said...

I love the camper in the photo!

To answer your question, Grandpa's dog is most likely a Collie Mix. He was a stray they adopted, so they aren't sure.

The Grandpa Dollar thing just evolved over the past 6-7 years. He's a gift giver and loves to send stuff home with everyone who visits. This was his cure for the kids to not be empty handed...then he started to do it when he would come to visit too. It's fun for the kids. (And Grandpa too!)

Vodka Mom said...

I love old photos- AND reminiscing. It warms my heart.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I loved the photo. I thought the camper was cool too. Far Guy's sister sounds like a great person and I love hearing about all the memories.