Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old Photographs Part II

Ist Row: Me. Sharon (Far Guys Cousin), Caroline
2nd Row: Barry (Far Guys Cousin), Corrine, Danny

This was taken by my Mother on May 8, 1953, I would have been about 20 months old. This picture was taken on a farmstead just about a mile and a half from where we live now. It is a deserted farmstead now, a place for a Corporate Farm to park equipment. I remember the old brown stucco house, with a huge screened in porch, and a massive front step perfect to line up children on for a birthday party picture. It was Corinne's birthday she was three years old. Recently I had the opportunity to share this picture with her, she had never seen it before. That is a thought for all you old picture you have an opportunity to share some photos of friends that they never knew existed. Perhaps!

What kind of a child holds their dolly upside down for a picture? (Will she ever be a GOOD Mother?) All little girls love their dolls..right? not so much. Most of my dolls were pretty new looking all the time. I preferred the paper dolls, carefully cutting out their wardrobes, able to change their clothing in the blink of an eye. However I do recall dressing up kittens and puppies in doll clothing...

Do you have a caption for my old photograph today? If so please share it by leaving a comment!:)

Update: My letter to the editor about Trigeminal Neuralgia appeared today in the local paper..success at last!


flydragon said...

I love this picture. The look on your face is hilarious and really matches the act of holding your doll upside-down. Everyone in that pic looks totally disgusted with whole thing, except the birthday girl of course. She looks like she's having a great time. LOL

alphawoman said...

Don't have a caption for the photo but it sure is cute!

Unknown said...

How all of you kids were posed together like that, we'll never know, but certainly a precious picture you have shared.
I love to see pictures from my parents past. Thanks for sharing yours!

Unknown said...

I can't come up with a caption but I keep thinking about how cold your little tushie must be sitting on that concrete.

RURAL said...

What a great photo, you are so lucky to have them. The look on your face! Priceless! Maybe the concrete was that cold.
No caption in my head, but oh I love that photo.