Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"My Garage"

I have been putting off cleaning out my Potting Shed/Retail Sales space all summer. When Far Guy and I built it years ago, we built it in mind that it would someday serve as "My Garage." I do not have to share with Far Guy, he has his own Garage/Lumber yard/Wood-shop/Workshop..I think maybe he parked his pickup in there a time or two. I am looking forward to parking inside, my car won't get covered with a foot of snow , my windshield wipers won't be frozen in place by rain that turns to ice. I will no longer be the car that has so much snow on it's roof that people laugh and point. A snowy blizzard coming off the top of my car will no longer force the people driving behind me to turn their windshield wipers on. This alone should reward enough...so why have I been procrastinating?

Years of stuff, mainly garden and greenhouse related..with a few antiques sprinkled in. Cupboards to clear out and shelves to clean off.. about 20 watering cans to get rid off..I am giving them away! Yes, I put the ad in the paper and I will be have having a garage sale, this weekend. Since we live off the beaten path, I am not expecting a huge turnout, but hey I will have gone through the stuff, marked it for sale and can have another sale in the spring..after all it is a pretty good sized garage and I have a little car. I am finding "stuff" that I didn't remember I had, so it is an adventure of sorts.

Far Guy is getting a tad nervous, he even offered to bring down some boxes that I had marked "garage sale" three years ago. These are stored in a special storage area "upstairs" that you need a twenty foot ladder to get to. I know that this is just a diversion..more boxes to keep me busy so I will stay out of his garage. How much do you suppose I can get out of that extra Ferris Wheel Seat he has?:)


RURAL said...

Oh, would any of those be antique watering cans, and how far are you from White Rock, BC Canada?
Maybe if I leave right now, we can get there for the sale. LOL.
I am a sucker for antiques watering cans. I have a really old HAWS. Good luck, hope that you have great weather.

Unknown said...

Good luck on your garage sale. I've never had any luck getting people to drive out to my house so I donate my stuff to GoodWill or our local Senior Center.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I only have one antique watering can and I will hide it!! Sorry no HAWS here, just an old galvenized friend! The plastic ones are free!!

Some of it will end up donated I am sure. But at least I will get a start at moving some of this junk OUT!:)

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE garage sales! I WISH I could come. Dammit.

Michelle said...

We had a garage sale in August. It turned out to be pretty good, considering we are in the country. Even so, we still can't park in our garage...all the leftover stuff was supposed to go to charity but we haven't gotten around to that yet.

I guess I'll be the one who gets laughed at and pointed to this winter with the pile of snow on my vehicle!

Good luck with your sale.