Monday, September 22, 2008

A Simple Question

A number of years ago Far Guy's Mother was in the Nursing Home. She preferred to eat her meals in her room, we encouraged her to eat with her group at meal times. In doing so we would try to schedule a visit around the noon or the evening meal. She struggled with the food, I admit sometimes it looked very unappetizing. Her table mates were Blanche and Betty, when we would wheel her out to her table the "Girls" would greet her warmly. So we would hang out and talk to the "girls" and encourage Far Guys Mom to eat. If she ate she felt better, if she drank her milk and juice she felt better. If she felt better so did we. In the two years that she was in the home Far Guy visited her almost every day. I accompanied him once or twice a week.

On one of those visits Betty grabbed my arm and asked "Do you bake bread?" I laughed and replied " No, my Mother did years ago, and Far Guy's Mom was a really good bread baker ..hardly anyone bakes bread anymore." She sadly stated "I am so hungry for freshly baked bread, the bread in here isn't fit to eat."

On our way home Far Guy wondered aloud if he could learn to bake bread the old way. I told him perhaps he should take lessons from his Aunt Louise. I am thinking... hey this is a great idea, he is not only going to be a great cook but a baker too! Instead I opened my big mouth and said "Well your Aunt Louise bakes bread every week, you just need to ask her to share with Betty!" And he did, Betty got the fresh bread she dreamed of and a good bread baker was honored to share her baking skills. Aunt Louise bakes the best bread ever! I still think Far Guy should take lessons.

Do I bake bread? No, not unless you count taking out a loaf of frozen bread and putting it in an old bread pan to rise and bake, or dumping the required ingredients into Far Guys automatic bread maker. I used to watch my Mother mix and kneed and bake, I used to enjoy the smell and the taste of a freshly sliced warm piece of bread slathered in butter. Do you bake bread? :)


flydragon said...

No bread baker here. Not even the frozen in the pan kind. But I do manage to get to the bakery in the morning while the bread is still warm. Does that count?

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

So glad you left a note on LOOSE AND LEAFY - it meant I came here to read this post.

There's an awful lot to think about packed into this deceptively simple account.

Lucy Corrander

P.S. Thanks for the visit.

Jewel said...

no I don't bake bread. I read the blog about what our husband has given you for birthday presents. one year my husband gave me a 38 special for Christmas. I didn't even know I wanted one.

Anonymous said...

I do bake bread. I have a bread machine also but my husband still likes homemade biscuits or cornbread better than my homemade bread.
That is a good idea though about sharing things like homemade bread at nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to bake bread. It's not hard at all, and the payoffs are amazing. The smell of freshly baked bread is heaven. Try it. I swear, it's easy peasy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the comments gals, I appreciate your visits!
flydragon..of course it counts!
lucy..I will be back to see you again!
jewel..I had to buy my own 38, I actually wanted one! Loved your pictures!
ga do bread doesn't surprise me! Love your blog!
notmuchofacook..your profile sounds great. I love reality TV also! Couldn't find a blog for you, but it sounds like maybe you can cook girl..Baking bread and all! Stop back again!

RURAL said...

I love to bake bread, I made my first loaf, in order to get a girl guide merit badge, at 9. But I was not impressed with all the hassle and time it took. My mom kept calling me into the house, and making me knead it, turn it, shape it, all I wanted to do was play outside. Now having discovered instant yeast, bread machines, and pizza stones, it is not a hassle. It is simple, fun, and so worth the little effort that I have to put into it. Had a stressful day, nothing beats kneading the heck out of that dough.
What a wonderful idea, to bring some fresh bread to a old age home. I think that on my next day off, I will drop by and do that.