Friday, September 5, 2008

The Garbage of Life

Do you keep your garbage of life, throw it away or shelve it?

Far Guy is a shelver. He can remember way back fifty years ago to some kid in the third grade that wiped a booger off on him. He shelved it then, he carries around his shelf, occasionally taking the "stuff" off of it, dusting the stuff off, inspecting it..thinking about all the stuff on his shelf...continuing to carry his heavy load. It might have something to do with his type A personality.

I am a partial shelver, but I have a really little shelf that never gets dusted or inspected. For me to put something on my shelf it had to have been something really an outright lie. My memory would have to be really good to shelve everything, so I am mainly a thrower. Something bugs me, I throw it out, or ignore it, sooner or later it will resolve itself.

Some people keep their garbage of life. They keep everything that they perceive as "bad" and keep it in their big bag slung over their shoulder. Then when they come to visit you, they get out their bag, strew the mess all over and expect you to go through it with them bit by smelly, rotten bit. I do not do this smelly garbage thing well. If you bag is so large and so smelly then you need the help of a professional counselor or perhaps a shrink. I have a friend that is a shrink, and I can make an appointment for you.

If you have one small shelved problem maybe I can help you to work it out. I am a fairly good listener, but if you don't want my opinion don't ask for it. Well sometimes you don't even have to ask, I have been known to give my opinions quite freely.

Sure I make mistakes, I am human, that's life, get over it and move on. Everyday is a new opportunity to do some things better. I like to think of everyday as a "do over" that's the beauty of being a thrower, you can start each day new and unencumbered:)

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