Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Birthday Gift!

Goodbye 56....... Hello 57! Far Guy says "You are really going to love your is one of those gifts that is going to say I love you every time you use it.. I can't wait!"
What?? A Dog?? I recognize that dog, he lives with us. he is Far Guys faithful companion...he loves me too..especially when I am eating. Oh my, what does that dog have? A remote...just what I needed... another remote to keep track of. AHH this is a different kind of remote...

A GARAGE DOOR OPENER ...Let me tell ya, I have died and gone to opener heaven with this one. I must have made it into the "Opener Big-Time" and Far Guy has firmly wedged himself into the opener Hall of Fame.
He splurged and got me a garage door opener that has, count em...TWO for inside my car and one for inside the house...he has gone all out for little ole me!
Actually he claims "I DIDN'T DO IT" ...and it was really Chance that purchased the garage door opener. A dog with money? Well..don't that beat all.

My real gift was beautifully wrapped! Note the fancy two toned bow... Brace yourself...
A BEAUTIFUL GLASS CUTTING BOARD!! That I had admired in a local gift shop. This gift came from my guy.. Far Guy with a kiss and the offer of "Well there's more where that came from..wink..wink.." Guess I just might be getting lucky today, well I am already lucky...the other lucky..wink..wink...:)


shrink on the couch said...

Happy Birthday -- everytime you pull into your garage, you will think of your sweetie.

Unknown said...

You will love this! Did he install it for you yet? I hope you don't have to wait too long before you can drive in and out of your garage on a rainy day and not get wet!
I love your Border Collie!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks gals! He is busy installing it today! We love our Border Collie too!:)