Saturday, September 6, 2008

Phone Calls

Sometimes the Telephone just drives me nuts. Since Far Guy would not allow a phone booth to be out by the end of the road, I am stuck with it in the house. Well I guess I need it inside the house for the Internet connection. We have a high speed connection using the "bottom" portion of the phone line. I do not begin to understand this technology. It works, and on the few occasions that it hasn't I do use the phone to call and complain.

I do not like to answer the phone. Far Guy usually does that dastardly deed. If it were up to me, I would let the answering machine handle all the calls.

Lately we have been getting some automated calls, one was from some warranty company. I love messing with these people. if you say "uffda" to everything they ask you..eventually they hang up on you. I was probably taken off their sad. We get some non-profit calls, I tell them to send me the information through snail mail...and won't divulge my address. One time I won a trip to Branson, Missouri..imagine that... me a winner of a trip!! I asked him if there would be more than ten people in town and more than two cars on the road at the same time..he hung up on me too. Why do these people call me if they are only going to end up hanging up on me? Oh ya, it is probably part of their job, to place many calls, and talk to crazy old women. Now they have computer generated phone calls, I had one that said "You are a very important customer, please hold for our first available customer service representative" WHAT?? Why in the world is some company calling me to put me on hold? Obviously they are wasting my time, I wondered how many people are actually stupid enough to wait? And then there was the time that they wanted me to verify my credit card number..I suspect that they were crooks..first I told him that if he would tell me his then I would tell him mine. Finally I told him that I was so poor I couldn't get one of those chargy cards, didn't he know that when the bank gives you one of those chargy cards they actually want you to repay them? He then wanted to know if I did everything with cash..he was a nosy little bugger..and wanted my checking account number..he was definitely a crook...I told him nope, I don't trust the I do all my business with postal money orders..he hung up too. Now I suppose all the political phone calls will start, I will have to keep track..because those that irritate me by the greatest number of phone calls may not get my vote.

We are signed up for the do not call list, and I am still surprised at the number of phone calls we get.

Now some women seem to be joined at the hips with all their phones, cells phones and the new Eye Phones ( I still can't figure out how an eye phone works..I am truly puzzled). I am not a joined at the hip phone user.. on the few occasions that I am in a fairly good mood I will answer it..if you are the lucky recipient of my "hello what the heck do you want" then consider yourself really lucky.
I do enjoy the phone call that begins "Hi Gramma" now those are real phone calls:)


laurie said...

uffda! it's brilliant.

Mark-o said...

Coming by in March of 2020 to read your original stuff! How fun is this!?