Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reunion Unveiled

Now for a different look at the reunion.

First of all this was Far Guy's Reunion and not mine. So I let him visit, I took some pictures and greeted those I knew, after all spouses are just tag alongs. I just tried to stay in the background. I did find one very interesting spouse to converse with on Friday night, he is a farmer. We talked about dogs, goats, sheep and cattle. On Saturday I spoke at length to another spouse who was a Perennial Grower, so we talked Greenhouses etc.. I did not make a connection with the Doctors wife, she apparently was put off with my friendly smile, or maybe it was my comment about the new bridge to nowhere that Far Guy suggested that by pass all of the Twin Cities. I did not make a connection with the guy from Arizona either, I have had more fun watching paint dry, or sticking my head in a snow bank in the middle of a blizzard.

The food served on Saturday afternoon was nearly inedible, chicken barely done, mashed potato's out of a box, gravy out of a can, stuffing out of a box, vegetables out of a can, a pasta salad, and buns. At 30 bucks a plate, I am thinking perhaps I should go into the catering business...but then I hate to cook. Maybe Far Guy should do some catering..he is a fantastic cook.

I talked to the people at the bar in both locations, bartenders are always friendly. I even spoke to the people who were marking off the tape for the Dart Game. I wandered around both places. I was patient, friendly and not to far from Far Guy should he require my assistance. I did get several hugs... a gal that I grew up with, one gal from the church, even one of Far Guys old girlfriends gave me a hug, and one from one of the guys I sat behind in Study Hall.

I thought it was kind of interesting that Far Guys table at lunch was filled with women, me and one of the gals who he used to talk to every morning because their lockers were next to each other, and two ex-girlfriends. I believe it was the only table in the place with just one guy and four women. Just goes to show you that 40 years later he is still a ladies guy! But he came home with me...good thing too..the last time I was in the company of the ex-girlfriends, they were involved in a "cat fight" about him and I got his attention and walked right out of the dance above the Municipal with him in hand.

I wasn't surprised that some of the locals, and there are about 48 of them in the immediate area, didn't show up. Some of the locals are just as stuck up and cliquish as they were in High School, two locals did show up late in the day, driving and most obviously three sheets to the wind...really mature locals.

Our time at the after party was very short, it was loud, noisy, and the more they drank the louder they got. Far Guy was seated next to a very boisterous classmate who at one point rubbed his head. I can tell, just from Far Guys reaction..sometimes his pain is increased by touch..that we will be going home soon..and that couldn't be soon enough for me.

Now don't get me wrong, some of his classmates are great, but they live in different states, were having hip replacement surgeries or were left totally out of the loop on this reunion thing. Those are the people I would have enjoyed seeing and spending time with. Floyd, Barry, Mark, Frank and Shirley all good friend's of Far Guy... I missed you:)
Far Guys take on the reunion can be found here!

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