Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reunion Weekend

It was Far Guy's 40th class reunion. Now this was no small event for Far Guy, should he go? Who would he know? Last night he almost skipped out, but I knew he would be fine! Last night was an informal get together. Today was the more formal, reading of the names, 156 people were in his class and about 35 showed up. Most of them were hard to recognize, only a few stayed the same. All are older and more grey, many are retired or looking to retire in the next four years. Twelve are deceased.

I am not quite sure, why these type of reunions, must take place in dimly lit areas. Maybe it's because our flaws are less noticeable. Maybe we look younger and thinner. Late this afternoon the party switched to a Sports Bar in Park Rapids. The mood got louder and more boisterous as the evening wore on. Since Far Guy or I drink only occasionally, we found the noise and inebriation a bit annoying and came home early.

The highlight of the day, was when Rhonda arrived, her sister busted her out of the Nursing home to spend the afternoon with us. She was a trooper, and recognized everyone, but I noticed not everyone was comfortable talking to someone who was confined to a wheelchair. It must be hard to accept that a Cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in your class now lives in a Nursing Home and in a wheelchair. What they missed is that she is as funny and friendly as she ever was:)

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