Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Weeks Happenings

Little Aubrey our Great Niece had the first of her cleft lip and palate surgeries on Monday. They did the lip repair, and what a job they did, stitches so tiny they were hard to see. I visited on Wednesday night while all the guys were at the Fire hall, the twins were asleep so I missed my four year old fix, and Aubrey was asleep too..but with a beautiful lip. I marvel at what can be done for children now a days.

Our little "town" three miles away is getting its own Fire hall. My nephews are busy recruiting volunteers, younger volunteers for both of the Fire halls, the other Fire hall is at a different "town" if you can call it has a Fire hall and a few houses and is seven miles away. The average age of the members at the Fire Dept is 47, so recruiting of new members is vital. We live on the south edge of an area of Minnesota that is either lakes and lake homes or prairie and farm land. Our hospitals are located either 14 miles to the east, 34 miles west or 60 miles north. These are small town hospitals. Most severe injuries are life flighted out of our area from the scene. The care victims receive before being flown out makes a difference. So I applaud the efforts of all the Fireman that are also EMTs or First Responders, including Far Guy, my brother and my two nephews. Way to go guys.. you do a great job! Far Guy does what he can to help out during the day time hours when everyone else is working out of the area.

We made our weekly trip to town, Gas has come down to $3.49 a gallon, and we have no shortages. I did notice that the huge jar of Skippy Peanut Butter that Far Guy purchases has gone up by another dollar. A year ago it was $6.99 now it is up to $8.99.

The highlight of my week was Thursday, with Survivor and ER premiers. ER was especially poignant with one of the central characters meeting his demise. Survivor is in Africa, the scenery is very green and the SNAKES are plentiful. There may also be some snaky players..Randy and Ace for two, if they ever link up there may be some real confrontations. I like Bob and the already voted off Gillian.. these are players my Bob from Maine go dude! This next Sunday The Amazing Race and The Unit premier, two of my other favorite shows.

Well we capped off our fun week with a "date" to watch the Debate. I was not impressed by either of the candidates. I wondered why in the world it cost so much to have the debate at that school in Mississippi. For five million dollars I expected more, some special podiums or something. I keep hoping that one of these guys will impress me, someone could have ditched the tailored suit for a T-Shirt... well maybe a sports coat and a pair of jeans. Mr. McCain smiled a lot..more than Mr. Obama. In my humble opinion..neither of them are exciting or talented speakers, way too may ums' and hesitations. I started off viewing the debate in an upright position, after all it was a "date"...Far Guy moved to the other couch and stretched out, I got a little more comfortable and stretched out on my couch..I desperately tried to stay awake, I just needed to make sure that my eyelids had no unexpected holes in I closed my eyes for just a bit.. I was still technically awake..just multi tasking ..doing my eyelid check and listening at the same time. Then all of a sudden I fell ASLEEP...totally asleep..poor Far Guy had a date that was snoring. Yup, that's me a snoring boring date..kinda like the guys I was watching on TV:)


Vodka Mom said...

I am a survivor FANATIC. From the beginning. woo hoo.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Me TOO!! WOO HOO TOO! I only got to see part of season one, but since then I have been glued to the TV set! :)