Monday, September 8, 2008

Chances Adventures Part III

This is my third chance at writing for Farside! I communicate and she types. How did you like those pictures yesterday? Farside said I did awesome, she says I am photogenic. Did you know that Border Collies need jobs? We are high energy, and must play ball, or Frisbee if we don't have any cattle to herd.

I have been feeling much better, thank you to all of you who wished me good health. Farside thinks it was something I found to eat in the woods, or cheese that caused my diarrhea problem. I am still on a strict diet, but occasionally I get a corn chip or a bacon flavored snack. I am eating my Science Diet Dog food really well, I finally gave up on trying to stage any type of food strike. Farside said "Sooner or later he will eat" and she was right. Far Guy is still not allowed to give me any table scraps, and I am not supposed to eat anything I find rotten in the woods.

My friend "Odda" died. She was only sixteen weeks old, her little defective heart couldn't keep up with her rapidly growing body or attitude. Farside cried, I licked the tears from her face. We made a "Doggone Death" condolence visit. Hey Hooch! Sorry about Odda... wanna play Frisbee? Playing ball and Frisbee always makes you feel better.

We helped a Sheltie. We made a home visit for the Sheltie Rescue people. Farside said it was important, but not important enough for me to be allowed out of the car. How much can you see from the car anyway..they had a fence and a yard..big deal. Was there a warm place to sleep and food and toys? I guess it must have been OK cause Farside told Far Guy "Those people will make wonderful Sheltie owners" Some Sheltie named "Katie" that was rescued from a puppy mill now has a wonderful new home.

One evening I went to visit my favorite little boys, the twins next door. They are great ball throwers, well until they started throwing the ball deep into the woods. I came out covered in burrs, they were everywhere, in my tail, my ears and covering my belly. It only took Farside an hour or so to pick and brush them out of my hair. I have been told that I cannot sneak off to visit the twins on my own, and they aren't supposed to sneak off on their own to visit me..but boy is it tempting when I hear them outside playing:)

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