Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Photographs Part III

Recently I ran on to this photograph. It was taken in 1920 or 1921. It shows a rare look into the farm life of people that we loved. Far Guys Grandparents H. his Father and his Uncle Ron. The picture is taken in a field at "The Farm" just two miles from where we live now.

I believe that these are corn shocks in the field. They would have been cut by hand with a corn knife or a corn hook. The cut off stalks were bundled together. The bundles were then stacked upright with their bottoms fanned out. This group of bundles was then called a corn shock. The shocks stayed in the field until early winter then the farmer would go back and hand husk the corn. The corn cobs were stored in a corn crib, until it was shelled, ground into feed or fed whole to livestock. Sometimes the husks were saved, the inner husks after they were moistened could be torn into strips and braided or woven into mats, baskets or dolls. You could even fill a large tick with the husks and have yourself a corn husk filled bed.

What I love about this photograph, Grandma took off her bonnet, Grandpa had not shaved in days, the biggest little boy looks like he had been working hard, and the littlest boy looks mischievous. I also wonder..who took the photograph..I can only speculate that it was family...possibly family that helped in the corn field:)


Linda said...

I often wonder what people were thinking in those old photos. So much we'll never know.

Unknown said...

That is an awesome picture. They sure did work hard back then. My guess is she brought lunch out to the field and someone snapped that picture. I also took my kids to the fields with me to feed the men. My husband and FIL enjoyed our company as much as they enjoyed the meal especially on those beautiful fall days.

Tami Weingartner said...

Great pic. Thanks for posting. The Amish Dutch here is PA still harvest there corn in this fashion.

RURAL said...

You have such a sense of history in your family, living so near the family farm. So many people do not ever get that anymore. We envy you that.

alphawoman said...

That is just the coolest picture!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture! I can understand the hard work part.
I imagine Far Guy's Grandmother worked the fields and then had the cleaning and cooking to do also.
They have that look of pride though that I see in the faces of so many farm families.
Thanks for sharing the photo.
Have a great day.

T.L. said...

What a treasure. I always prize such "candid" shots even more than the studio portraits. You can see so much more about their lives in the background and in the way they looked everyday. Love your blog.

Unknown said...

Interesting history. I wondered it that was corn behind them. I love the ornery boy next his mom. :) Fun photo!

Julia said...

Great photo,
I love looking at old photos and to learn about their history..
They sure did work hard in them days...they look like they were a lovely happy family..

Vodka Mom said...

I am always fascinated when I look at old photos. It jolts us into remembering how fleeting life really it.

Jewel said...

Love the picture.

The Silver Age Sara said...

What a wonderful photo. As someone who lives on a farm now, I enjoy seeing pictures of people who worked on farms in the past. Life must have been much more difficult for them but they had such a sense of pride and accomplishment and family too.
Thank you for sharing the great photo of your family.