Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It is time to take our blinders off, and look around. It is time to look outward not inward. It is time to look at others instead of ourselves.
Did you sleep well? Warm and comfy? Did you enjoy your shower? Did you eat today? Extreme poverty exists, some people in our world live on less than $1.25 a day. How many?

In Africa a child dies every three seconds from extreme poverty and AIDS. So while you slept safe and warm 10,000 children died in Africa. Recently I ran onto a blog that was written by a Missionary Family from Pennsylvania, you may enjoy reading it. I believe it is a good look into life in Malawi, Africa. I am not asking you to donate anything, or to do anything except just read. We all have our own crosses to bear here in America, but after reading about extreme poverty..my cross got just a little lighter and a little easier to carry.

Hold on.. I lied.. I need you to go to Lady Fi's Blog and visit her, you see she is doing something besides reading..for every visit, and comment that her blog gets today and tomorrow she is going to personally donate to The Global Fund... so go on over to On a Quirky Quest and say Hi ..help her in her mission to make a difference..lets empty her pockets:)


Tami W. said...

Thank you for blogging this. I posted a comment on her blog.

Vodka Mom said...

that was a great post.

Anonymous said...

You rock, Far Side! Thanks for sending people over to my site - my pockets are already feeling much much lighter!

I'm also going to put some of the money into http://www.kiva.org. This is a new site that lends out micro-loans to people in developing countries who can then use the money to start up businesses that will improve their own lives and those of the people in their community.

Thanks for ringing my bell today!

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite subjects to discuss. Poverty. I think people need to leave this country to understand the real meaning of poverty. Here, we are considered to be living in poverty even though we have a car, shelter, food, and in my state health care. That is not the case in most of the world. My youngest brother lives in China and my oldest brother spent last summer in the Ukraine as a missionary. Talk about poverty..they do not have a government system to assist them at all! If you are born with birth defects then you are left to beg on the streets or stuck in an over crowded orphanage. You don't see that happening here.
Members from my church goes to Jamiaca every year to build houses for the poor. A house that is 10' X 10' . Basically, a garden shed by our standards. These houses have a hole cut out for windows but no glass. The inside is just like a tool shed you see at Lowes. And they feel so blessed, yet we would be appalled living like that. Americans just can't seem to see the BIG picture. We are so richly blessed!
I like your post, you are not shallow, you like to go deep, I like that.

Unknown said...

I think it is great what Lady Fi is doing!
P.S. you've been tagged over at my blog. I promise I didn't start this!