Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frosty Roses

Frost was on the roses this morning. Guess they are kaput till next spring. I wandered around in the yard for awhile early this morning trying to get some good frosty photographs to share with y'all. I got a few. Chance is always good company, except when I am on the ground..then he must investigate.. me and the camera. Well I nearly froze to death. (23 degrees F) Far Guy said "Are you an idiot?" Maybe..I am not a morning person..but everyone should spend some time outside really early as the sun is just coming up. It was so quiet, I could actually hear the leaves as they became dislodged from the trees when the wind picked up. The sound of fluttering leaves filled the air this morning. Not that we have that many leaves left..but on the east side of the house there is a huge "Aspen" that was making it's own music..almost as if it were serenading the forest. One last song to be heard only by those who are up early. Maybe leaves in the death throws of autumn are only appreciated by those who fear the approaching winter.
My Grandpa Y always said "You have to get up early to breathe the really good air before it's all gone." It was one of his favorite sayings. then again he always went to bed at 7pm..which is just the beginning of the evening for me, I might be thinking about getting some supper on the table by then..or just waiting for Far Guy to get hungry so he will cook.
Yesterday a long time friend confided in me, she said "I slept til 10 this morning." How Shocking! I just said "Isn't it great to sleep in!' her husband has a different opinion...they are newly retired. When you are newly retired and spend 24/7 together for the first time in your lives..small little things like sleeping habits can become an issue. She has been a morning person for years, and so has he. He still is..and she isn't. Sooner or later they will find their retired pace. They are so funny, he irritates her, she irritates him. They visited last evening and brought Hooch along..so Chance was very occupied..nothing like a Border Collie and a Jack Russell Terrier running around the house to liven things up a bit! Good friends that we can share laughter and old stories with is a good thing, that they also have a dog is an added bonus..they accept us..just like we are..I don't have to straighten up..I don't have to make Far Guy change his "church" jeans...dust or even do the dishes before they come over..I can just be me:)


RURAL said...

First, love the frosty roses, and the trees are gorgeous. If you give the roses some 0-0-50 it might help them make it through the winter better. It puts them to bed.
Your friends, sound like I imagine Gar and I will be. We are both still working, and morning people. But he is so much a morning person, I think I might end up reverting back to whatever I was before I met him. We will definitely irritate each other when we retire.

But don't you love it when you can just be yourself with friends. Those are the best of relationships.

Anonymous said...

Love the frosty roses. Don't worry - they'll be back next year. Cover them up with a jute sack or blanket or something though...

I'm a morning person - love the early mornings, but can't stay awake beyond 9 pm.

Anonymous said...

We had a frost on the grass in Trowse this morning - it looked beautiful in the mist.

I don't like Autumn at all - it always depresses my spirits and I feel like I am in a constant battle against that.

But just recently I have tried to follow my own biorhythms and have taken to going to bed at 9.30pm and waking at 5am. And I feel much better for it. And the early morning is very beautiful and I rather think your Grandpa was right about the air. I almost feel like I am drinking it when I potter about outside like a mad woman in the early morning.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Muddy Boots, They are Canadian climbers that hate that metal wagon wheel. They suffer through the winter fine, I don't fuss with them..I may give them some banana peels next spring!
Lady Fi, They are from their own root and not a grafted rose so I just kick up some leaves over the bases and they are good to go!
reluctant blogger, I don't mind Autumn..it is the grey days with no sun. I need sun!
Thanks for the comments! :)

The Silver Age Sara said...

I loved the photos of the frosty roses. Ours have been gone for some time now and it's hard to think about winter settling in. We've already had snow flurries.
There's something magical about mornings. The air is so beautiful and the world is so still. I couldn't do without being outside in the early mornings.
I so enjoy your posts.