Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old Friend: Dr. Hook

The other day I had the opportunity to give an old friend a really hard time. I noticed he was last in line for lunch, accompanied by his wife? He finally got married? For the purposes of this blog I will call him Dr. Hook.

I walked to the end of the line and extended my hand..and grabbed him and gave him a hug!

Hey Dr. Hook I haven't seen you in a really long time.. Dr. Hook: Hello?? Do I know you?

Of course you do! ...Dr. Hook: I am really sorry, I don't know who you are.

We were friends..... Dr. Hook: I am sorry ..maybe I should know you??

Of course you should... Dr. Hook: ( laughing nervously) I just don't remember you.

Fine, forget your old friends!... Dr. Hook: Please tell me who you are? (He is getting really nervous.)

I knew you a long time ago!.... Dr. Hook: (Visibly breaking out into a cold sweat).. How long ago?

When we were teenagers!.. Dr. Hook: Really? ( He swallows hard several times.)

You don't remember those cold winter nights? ... Dr. Hook: Have you met my WIFE..we have been married only TEN years. (He is a basket case, and turning pale ..but his wife is still smiling!)

Oh, Dr.Hook got married, wonderful, It is so very nice to meet you! I knew your husband way back when we were teenagers..we had some really good times. Times I will never forget!... Dr. Hook: I still cannot place you? ( he is in real misery now, pale, sweating and starting to breathe hard.)

Remember all those times at J and M's house?... Dr. Hook: Well ya, I used to go there all the time.

Me too! Sledding down their big hill! ... Dr. Hook: You were there? I still cannot place you.. (he is somewhat relieved and wipes the sweat from his brow, but still glances nervously at his wife.)

About that time..I figured what kind of a friend am I anyway..he is older now..he could fall over deader than a door nail and it would be all my fault. Time to put the big lug out of his misery.

So I told him who I was! He grabbed me in the biggest bear hug, his wife was shocked! Dr Hook: I can't believe it is you! Those were the days..the good old days! Gosh it is good to see you!

It is good to see you too! .. Dr. Hook: You really had me going there, ya got me, AND ya got me GOOD!

You deserve it! ... Dr. Hook: Ya, I probably do!

We were teenagers..on Saturday nights in the Winter..we all headed to the house with the biggest hill..with our friends and our sleds..our parents would drive us, we would sled the night away. We had snow ball fights and put snow down each others backs, attacked each other and rubbed each others faces in the snow. Time after time we trudged up that big old hill for the thrill of the ride down. After a few hours we would all tromp into the house, to thaw out and have hot cocoa (the old fashioned using real milk and cocoa kind) and homemade treats! Those times and the kids I met on that hill..I will never forget. However I reserve the right to give some of those boys a really hard time. Serves them right..for tackling me and rubbing my face in the snow until my cheeks were bright red, and nearly frost bit.

Far Guy was sitting with a bunch of his old friends watching my interaction with Dr. Hook. I pointed him out to Dr. Hook..Far Guy just smiled and waved! He is used to me talking to lots of different people, and hugging people he would view as complete strangers..and he knew I would share later. He probably thought is was just another of my cousins anyway:)


DayPhoto said...

You are a great writer! What a fun sense of humor you have!


Vodka Mom said...

i love that story!

Unknown said...

I just hate it when I start talking to someone and they don't remember happens a lot and I'm not that old! You seemed to take it in stride.
Funny story though....I'm glad he finally remembered you.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I too used to love sledding down the hill with my friends at night! Pure frosty bliss!

Janet said...

Did you call him Dr. Hook based on that band from back in the day?