Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Irritants

Well it is a lovely day..just lovely..

When you live in the "boonies" power failures happen. A really bad time for them to happen is when you are writing a long blog. My day began early. Some "stuff" had piled up that only I could deal with. Far Guys patience is limited.

I needed to call the Clinic, it seems like they had a problem which became my problem in the form of a bill. I called them and was put on hold (No Music), I hate being on hold. Finally I explained my problem. She was graciously sympathetic when she told me that all of my insurance information had been wiped out of their computer system. I asked "How did that happen?" She replied "I have no idea." Now lets see, you all know the drill, you have to verify your name, address, phone number, next of kin, and insurance information before seeing a Doctor. Now... do I have to ask them to verify my verification on my next visit? What kind of idiots work there anyway?

I had a note on my bulletin to opt out. I have been getting many phone calls from a well known credit card company. I figured by opting out I could solve several problems, first the junk mail they send me may save a few trees. Second, perhaps the phone calls will end. The ones where they say they have a special offer of lower interest rates, but it is an automated call so you have to hold for the next available operator while listening to weird polka music. When I finally get the next operator, she learns that I never carry a balance over from one month to the next..she hangs up on me, no thank you..just a click.. So I figured five minutes of my time might reap multiple rewards. All the while I was wondering why do I have to call them to opt out, why can't they just considered me opted out..until I call them to opt in. Brilliant! But I never got to talk to a real person to share this thought with.

I had to call the individuals that bought the small greenhouse last June, they finally picked it up in August but there was a pile of steel and treated lumber that they would stop by for tomorrow or the next day. I politely left a message on their bloody machine, saying that I was concerned that their pile might be damaged by the men when they dismantle one of the really BIG greenhouses (supposedly next week). HELLO it is way past tomorrow and the next day has come and gone, and I seriously doubt that I will risk life or limb so that their "stuff" doesn't get run over by huge trucks and trailers. But just in case I take up the cause for them, I won't be blogging at all next week because I will be guarding their pile of crap, freezing my butt off all the while reading 'The Vagina Monologues" right out loud to all the creatures in the forest.

I had to get dressed really early this morning. ( I love my Jammie time in the morning..that sometimes lasts until afternoon) Some lady who missed my garage sale more than three weeks ago, was dying to see what I had left. She had an appointment for last Saturday and was a no show. Today she actually showed up, and will think hard about what remaining stuff she wants and will call me next week. I am so looking forward to her next phone call.

I had a really horrible experience this morning. I am thinking about shaving my head, Far Guy and I could match! Somehow one of my really long hairs got tangled up in my toothbrush. Ever since seeing that episode of Oprah's that revealed that fecal matter can travel in the air more than six feet and land in my cute little toothbrush holder and lodge in my toothbrush, I have kept my toothbrush in the drawer in a far corner of the bathroom. Unfortunately I also keep my hairbrushes in the same drawer.. so something has got to hair or my teeth.. I will have to ponder that for awhile longer before making a decision.

As I write this the phone has been ringing..I used to get a number of trade magazines, no... I no longer want them..please, please take me off of your list... forever.

Thanks for listening.. I feel better now:)


Vodka Mom said...

oh God. Now I am thinking of fecal matter. I am OFF to hide the toothbrushes!!!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Far Side,
Guess what? My Blogger issue seems to be resolved. At least the one on another friend's site now works. I did get some help from a guy at FeedBlitz, which was above and beyond since he's with another company than the one with the issue. Would you mind trying to link to me one last time (I hope)? Try the Blogger site because that's the one that concerned me most. I am hoping this is the ticket. From what I read, it shouldn't matter if you use www or not, but here's the blog: I hope it works. Please let me know and thanks for the help. Also, I hope you're feeling more whole again now that your power is up! Whew! Hate those outages.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Vodka Mom..You better keep them away from the hairbrushes!
Roxane..We are set and it worked! Finally it was worth the effort you put into it! Sorry I was down and out for quite awhile today..then got company that needed an ear or two:)

Unknown said...

I too keep my toothbrush and hairbrush in the same drawer and have had to pluck hair out of my toothbrush but it is better than other stuff.

Jewel said...

ick.....I just can't do hair in the tooth brush, or the other stuff

Sounds like you had a Friday the
13th--if I believed in it.

Anonymous said...

ROFL - that was one hilarious blog! Hope the weekend is a little calmer and happier.

flydragon said...

about the toothbrushes. When I heard that on the tv, I too went upstairs and looked around the bathroom to see where I could put them. Nowhere. I took the simple solution. Put down the seat lid before you flush.

RURAL said...

Funny, funny funny! I have always put the toothbrushed in the drawer. Heard that one about the toilet years ago. Big yuck!!!