Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The tiny building to the south of the house is a sauna.  Some of you had questions about the sauna…here it is!


We use it quite often in the winter time.

We inherited the sauna, it belonged to Jen and Andy (Our youngest daughter) they were selling their home and the Realtor suggested they sell the sauna or move it.   Andy and Jen built the sauna. So they moved it to our place.  Lucky us!  It has been in the yard since July of 2009.

Dressing room

The dressing room  or pukuhuone. I am standing out by the wind chimes taking photos.

Sauna inside door

That is the door to the warm part.  The sign says Saunass ollaan kuin kirkosa or Sauna be like a church…Jen made all the signs….she is creative that way.

Benches water sppon and brick

The benches inside.  The ladle or kippo hangs on the wall…you use the ladle to throw water on the rocks. The brick is attached to a rope on a pulley and the brick holds the door shut.  You wouldn’t ever want to be stuck in a sauna.


There is a special sauna light and a thermometer…150 or 160 is a great temperature.  Loylyhuone means the hot room or steam room.

Sauna stove

The sauna furnace…the rocks get hot and you throw water on the rocks for more heat.

Chance usually waits outside the door.

Sauna outside winchimes

If it is stormy then Chance likes to come into the dressing room and wait.  The overhang is a delightful place to sit and watch it rain too!

Far Guy made the buckboard bench.  We usually sit there neckid and cool off before going to the house. ( Remember we live in the boonies, if someone were to drive into our yard we have plenty of time to grab our going to the sauna clothing…Far Guy has a hooded floor length robe and I have an old nightgown.) In the winter when it is below zero it is a wonderfully short cool down time.  Steam just rolls off of your body.  The sauna has no running water so we carry water in buckets…just like in the olden days.  I have been going to sauna forever…it used to be our Saturday night bath when I was a kid.

I used to collect wind chimes and the sauna is a perfect spot for some of them.

The wood inside the sauna is Aspen on the walls and the benches are Cedar.Blog Signature


  1. That is a very nice sauna. You are so lucky to have it. It's been years since I sat in a sauna and boy do I miss the warmth and how good I felt when I got ou

  2. I like the colors a lot. It gives the appearance of being very inviting. I used to enjoy the sauna when I went to the YMCA to exercise after work. In the book, "Sister Chicks on the Loose", the women go to Finland. While there, they go to their first sauna and immediately afterwards, roll in the snow before heading back inside the warm house. Have you ever heard of someone doing that? But I guess sitting outside your sauna would have about the same effect on the body. It was supposed to be exhilarating - - - - I would think it would be more pneumonia inducing. lol So glad you have that to enjoy!

    1. Yes some people roll in the snow...my brothers had my husband do that once. I have had a sauna and then jumped in the lake in the summertime..that was wonderful:)

  3. There is a sauna at the Y where I exercise. I go in there once or twice a year when it's cold out, but not very often. It's 160 in there, according to the thermometer on the wall. We are not allowed to throw water on the rocks, though. I don't know why. :-)

  4. Cool!! But you're nuts, of course. :)

  5. I'm afraid after growing up in the south, sitting in a sauna is on my anti-bucket list --you know, the things you NEVER want to do.
    But it does look tempting, all that clean wood and the serenity sitting there must give you.

  6. Can't believe the Realtor told them to get rid of it. Crazy!

  7. For people who take saunas it becomes absolutely mandatory. I tried it once and didn't appreciate it.

  8. Remind me to "call ahead" if I ever come visiting... :)

    That is a really nice looking building!

  9. That is really cool! I love the whole experience...for you! Having one here would be wonderful also...now to talk Terry into one......................


  10. Oh very nice, love the sauna.Blessings Francine.

  11. How fun to have a sauna your kids built themselves, and a very pretty one it is! There is nothing like it, especially if you feel a cold coming on.

  12. I was wondering about the sauna so am very glad you gave us a tour. That looks like a wonderful thing to have and use! They say it is very cleansing for the pores and the soul.

  13. I have always loved your sauna. Nice to see the details and see Chance out front!

  14. Beautiful, the hubby and I have been wanting to build one ourselves! I like yours.

  15. Love it! I would like to have one myself!

  16. What a lovely sauna! Lucky you.

  17. That's fascinating....I bet you have the cleanest pores around town! At least you don't have to build a fire etc. Like in the old days. It's a beauty of one too! Gee, I wonder where Jen got her creativity? LOL! Also, tell Far Guy I love that bench! That is the cutest sauna I have ever seen.

  18. We used to visit Swedish relatives who lived on a farm that had a sauna. Minnesotans, of course. ;) I remember being in there in the winter and running barefoot afterwards along the snow path to the house. Us kids used to beg to throw the water on the stones. All the men and boys went in together and then all the women and girls crammed in. Nothing fancy like a thermometer, though--LOL! ;)


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