Saturday, September 27, 2014

Retreat Projects

I am away on a retreat…to a place where hopefully I can finish up two large projects.

I have been feeling overwhelmed.

I hummed and hawed about attending the retreat.  I should scrapbook… I should finish up The Cousins Cookbook and get it on a flash drive and I need to make cards.   I decided to go and devote one day to my cards ( Thursday night and Saturday afternoon), Friday is Cookbook Day, Saturday morning I am learning to bead with one of my best friends and Sunday I will finish up and go back home.

No scrapbooking this time around.  I can work on the scrapbooks next winter and then switch over to digital scrapbooking.  I love working with paper but I can see that I need to finish up some of my scrapbooks and get them scanned and then go digital!

Of course making cards helps calm the paper/photo hoarder… it makes her feel useful.

I  usually get tons done at a retreat, no phone = no interruptions, I can stay up all night and take a nap during the day, I can concentrate on the tasks at hand.  I can wear jammies all day long and no one says a word.

Far Guy and Chance will survive for a few days without me.  They may come visit if they get too lonely.  They have lots of food and hopefully they will stay out of trouble.

The retreat is near a lake, about 11 other women will be there, all ages…most are educators. I have met most of them at one time or another.


Lind Lake last year.

Last year I just went for one night and part of a day…I was still working back then…this year I am retiredSmile 

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  1. It's no wonder you feel overwhelmed...all those projects! But isn't it great to have lots going on! Nothing makes me as mad as when I hear a woman say she does NOT want to retire and sit home with nothing to do! What! Hope you have a great time at the retreat!

  2. You will have a great time, and they'll manage to survive without you, for a few days, anyway. I look forward to hearing how it all goes. I laughed at the "now I am retired" line, since you don't really ever stop. :-)

  3. I am still happily scrapbooking with real scrapbooks and postcards/photos/cream pot tops/sugar bags/leaflets etc etc. Not sure I could go digital. And I'd want to scan all my old scrapbooks which would need a really big scanner. Of course I still need to find some sort of institution crazy enough to collect old scrapbooks so I can leave my archive (that sounds a bit grand doesn't it?) in my will.
    Hope you enjoy yourself!

  4. You have a great plan for working on your projects. I hope you are having fun and getting a lot accomplished.

  5. So happy you decided to attend. The fellows will be fine without you and I hope you enjoy every minute.

  6. Relaxing the body, rejuvenating the spirit.

    Have a wonderful time.

  7. Sounds like a great plan! You'll get lots done and I bet lots of visiting, too. And you'll be appreciated all the more when you get home!

  8. Retreats give us a chance to take another look at things. Have a good one.

  9. Any retreat where you can stay in your jammies and create sounds glorious to me! Enjoy!! :) :)

  10. This retreat sounds like such a great occasion!

  11. It sounds wonderful! I hope you got everything done you wanted to...that's always a good feeling. Lovely lake!


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