Sunday, September 28, 2014


I finished the entries in the Cousin’s Cookbook…342 recipes.  It was good to get that out of my hair.  For some reason I cannot export it to a Flash Drive…my computer says a USB Device needs a driver…and the SanDisk needs no driver according to their website.  I may have a bad Flash Drive and I will give it a go when I get home.

I have been working on my cards.

It was a beautifully warm weekend, highs yesterday were in the 80’s.

I am making progress with my beading project, I have a better idea of what is involved after Nellie visited.  She also left me with a stash of beading supplies …so I can practice up a storm.  It will be a great winter project!

I am ready to go home today.  I am used to a quieter environment.  I miss Far Guy and Chance.

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Unknown said...

There truly is "no place like home". I thought retreats were supposed to be quiet tranquil places? Guess it depends on the retreat? Am sure Far Guy and Chance will be overjoyed to have you back home.

Shirley H.

Linda Kay said...

Be safe returning to the "hacienda"! Hope that beading works out for you. I have a friend that passes many hours working on her beading projects, and she has made some beautiful things.

Gail said...

The retreat has been a success and home looks good.

Safe trip.

Nancy said...

Great job on getting the recipes typed for the cookbook. I can't wait to see the piece you worked on for your beading lesson.

Yesterday was warm here, too. I got some leaves picked up before it rained.

RURAL said...

So I have to ask, are you the paper hoarder? I know that I am..

You certainly have gotten a lot of work done, did you have a chance to go out to the lake and take photos, and relax? You have had a year, a very full year......and a chance to breathe is good.

Hope that you get to come home rested, and peaceful.


Red said...

You have some super fall weather. we had that last week. I won't tell you what you're going to get.

DJan said...

I'll bet they miss you, too. Nice to have gotten some stuff accomplished, but I sure do miss my own haunts when I've been out and about. :-)

Karen said...

A change is good, but there is no place like home:) Sounds like a productive weekend.

Rita said...

I hope you took photos! Couldn't have gone on a better weekend with the unexpected gorgeous warm weather we had. It is always sooooo god to get back home. :)

Intense Guy said...

Welcome home!!!!!

Is Chance available for house cleaning duty? I'll hire him.

Terry and Linda said...

I like the quiet also...and not having Terry and the animals around makes a day LOOOOOOOOOONG!!!

Sam I Am...... said...

The cousin's cookbook sounds wonderful and I would love to learn scrapbooking. Enjoy!