Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Waiting for snow..

We are waiting for snow..no I have not heard that any is coming.  The ground is barely white. My prediction of no measurable snow until February is getting closer to fulfillment every week…

Next door there is some big time waiting happening.


New shovels ready for three kids to shovel some serious white stuff.  They told me that they love to shovel.  Their Mom told me “ We only had one shovel and they were fighting over it.”  She did what anyone would have done..she went out and bought three shovels, one for each of the little darlings. Now there will be no more fighting over shovels.  I told them to come over and shovel at our house if they run out of snow at their place. 

It is below zero here.  It was –5F or –20C at 10 PM last night.   It was a cold damp day yesterday, the air was bitterly cold.  If it would snow it would feel warmer…at least I think it would. 

18 more shopping days until Christmas..gifts purchased 2.  Ornament project completed. Trees decorated..0.  Decorations up..one carved Santa from a garage sale, I cleaned out my wood carving bag :)

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  1. Oh, that's cold, all right. I remember hearing the saying that "it's too cold to snow." Is that what's happening up there in Minnesota? Or did someone important hear about your prediction? :-)

  2. Burrrrrr!!! We got it....want some???

    I was goin' into the city today to get supplies and take my MIL out for her weekly outin' but I cancelled.

    It's snowin'...ice under and just slicker than snot on a frozen doorknob so I'm stayin' put today.

    Now, 'bout that snow...I'll send it to ya if ya want! :o)

    God bless and have a great day. I've got a feelin' your new snow-shovels will get plenty of use.

  3. Oh my gosh it's so cold there. I don't think I'd even be able to breathe. You do need snow to make it all worthwhile. I was just complaining the other night when we got all the way down into the 50s. I guess it's all relative, right? Although I don't understand it, it's colder here in AZ in the 50s than it was in Missouri in the 40s. At the same time, it's just as hot in MO in the high 80s as it is here in AZ during the summer when we hit 110 degrees. I just don't get it. The little boys and their new shovels are just so darn cute. Hope they get their wish soon.

  4. I love reading your progress each day. Hmmm.... maybe I should add something like that to my blog! Maybe that would be the inspiration I need to get going!

    Don't you love kids? Now that they each have their shovels... will they be as eager to use them?!!

  5. That's a cute little neighbor you have!!! -5F burrr....and to think I was getting all excited about 20F here.

  6. I agree with you. Snow is warmer than damp rainy weather. We had the rainiest month ever for September and we are closing in on the second rainiest year on record.

  7. We got our first sprinkling of snow last night! But we need more.

    Those kids can come over and help us shovel too if they want...

  8. Yup! Too cold to snow! Those kids are ready for it when it comes, though. ;)

    I hope you're wrong. I hate Christmas without snow!

    Love the new header, BTW.

  9. Oh that is cold!
    I wonder how much snow will get shoveled before those boys decide it is really too much work:)
    Wishing snow for you!

  10. This time last year we were at a record snow fall , this year we have nothing but cold damp rain the kind that gets right to your bones ! I wish it would snow that way the damp would be gone ! Good idea mom saves the bickering ! Have a wonderful day !

  11. So you have the West Coast wet weather with the Okanagan cold....brrrr. Worst of both worlds.

    We [ahem] the Okanagan have snow, but only at the farm...just think my first white Christmas in years.

    It's cold here, don't laugh at me, I just moved from the tropics, -6 C.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. We got snow over the weekend and learned that our old snow blower does not work. So hubby bought a nice new one and is convinced that it won't snow here any more this winter. Love your progress report. I order a few more gifts every couple of days, but I need to write down my list and take stock so I don't run out of time. Retirement has made me disorganized! :-)

  13. We have lots of snow. I'm tired of shoveling. Minus 20 F is pretty darn cold!

  14. It was damp here, too, yesterday! I sat huddled next to the stove with a blanket on! And the house was "warm" .. temperature-wise! Drier today, thank goodness, but colder outside!

  15. Dang that is cold. I bet snow would feel warmer. Maybe those little fellows will help you out with the snow. Don't laugh at me but I don't think I've ever seen a snow shovel before. I know you are laughing... Get that tree up... Have a good afternoon Connie and ya'll stay warm.

  16. You're making progress. No snow? That is a surprise. You are usually covered by now. We had to buy shovels for all our grands - too much bickering about sharing. At least it gets the work done quicker with all three of them working and this grandma & grandpa get to take a break:)

  17. The minute you bought 3 shovels, you knew it would not snow. With one shovels, you get 2 feet of the stuff.

    We had 75 today and that was warm for us. I'll be heading into the cold soon though.

  18. Smart to be ready ahead...not running to the store when the snow flies and the supply of shovels is gone.

    No snow here either. What the heck?


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