Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cold Feet

We checked out the water coming out of Fish Hook Lake yesterday.  The lake seems frozen for the most part. The ice is not safe yet..for dogs or humans.  I heard that there was a successful rescue of a dog on a nearby lake.

Fish Hook River coming out of Fish Hook Lake

The Fish Hook River has quite a current and the water is open.

Whatcha been doing are your feet cold

“Whatcha been doing ..are your feet cold?”

cold feet

“Crazy youngins ..I guess when they get cold enough they will sit on their feet and warm them up.”

Bottoms up

“Bottoms Up!”

I had a blast watching the Swans.  I wonder if they will stay all winter?   We will have to keep an eye on them.  Chance rolled down his window ( he does that all by himself if he wants to hang his head scares the crap out of Far Guy) anyways Chance watched patiently and did not bark.  As soon as he rolls down his window Far Guy locks all the he doesn’t try to roll it up on himself..crazy dog. 

Swans and other fowl like ducks and geese can get cold feet.   The temperature in their feet is cooler.. they escape hypothermia because their arteries and veins are close to each other and exchange cold for heat and visa versa..very efficient.  If all else fails they sit on the ice and cover up their feet, or hold one foot up under their feathers to warm it up. 

A much better system than fuzzy socks! :)

21 shopping days till bought 2..both were wrapped and delivered.  Ornaments left to paint..14.

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  1. Love your new header and the family picture is great! 21 days? I have a pretty good handle but better get going - like to decorate when I can take my time...

  2. I just love that reflective ornament in your header!!! Sweet!

    Beautiful shots of the swans. I need a system like that for my tooties, Hubs would agree. I wear socks to bed 365! Heheehe!

    God bless ya and enjoy the weekend!

  3. I love the new header! I hope the swans stay. That Chance what a wonder dog, soon he'll be driving. Bet he practices when he is left alone in the car!!!

  4. Your header is just great, but they always are. I never heard of a dog that could roll the window down in a car, but if anybody could, it would be Chance. He's amazing!

  5. The pics of the birds are beautiful. You almost forget it is that cold when you look at them.
    I am about done with gifts - - - did a lot of online shopping this year. I told the kids to send me links because we had too much else going on - - - - not really much holiday secrecy this year - - but sometimes life happens and you have no choice.

  6. I love these pictures! Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Very pretty new header.
    Thanks for the pictures, too! :-)

  8. Your header is beautiful!
    I loved seeing the swans. What fun that so many were looking for food. I remember hearing that swans got frozen in a river near us when I was a kid... could that be right?

  9. New header!! Whoohoo!
    It always amazes me any of the critters who can live through the winters up here. Except for bears. They're smart--build a warm hole and sleep. ;)

  10. You new header is terrific. I love your pictures as usual. You really capture the essence of beautiful.

  11. I like the new header too! You always do such a good job on blending those pictures. That water freezes me just looking at those swans sitting in it.

  12. Hey! Used the knife for the first time today. I like it. Thank you again!

  13. We have geese winter over here - but it never gets cold enough to freeze the water (well, once in a blue moon, I'd better not say "never" or else it will happen this year).

    I think it's funny that Chance can roll his own window down!

  14. Nice photos. The swans are so pretty. That Chance is so smart rolling down his own window. Maybe he needs his own set of keys so he can drive too.
    I hate cold feet. When my feet get cold they hurt. I need lots of those fuzzy socks.

  15. Love your header ! Great photos and post BRRRRRR ! Just the thought of their feet in ice cold water makes me shiver ! Have a wonderful evening !

  16. Swans are always a big deal when they go through here. Can't tell if these are tundra swans but they nest in the Arctic on the coast.
    I don't worry about them keeping warm.

  17. You have some great photos here with wonderful colors. I would enjoy seeing the swans more often. I like your fish ornament in the header. Your headers always look sharp.

  18. Love the pictures and your header

  19. I see swans when I travel on the columbia gorge -- close to where it opens into western oregon. I never stop though because I'm usually going 70 mph and trying to get somewhere before the traffic gets heavy.

    Forty miles from my house we have loads and loads of water fowl, though. McNary is a really great place in January/February to see Geese and Ducks or all kinds.

  20. Ice on the lake ... how lovely. Still green over here but snow is due at the end of next week, if we're lucky.

    Lovely pics of those swans!

  21. Great new header - is that a blown glass fish ornament - I've seen them on Ebay before - very unusual.

    Love the shots of the swans - sorry but you look a lot more cold and wintry there, than what we are in Canada just yet (and we're supposed to be the land of ice and igloos :)


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