Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chance: A Shiny Brite Secret and a Sty

Hey!  It’s me..the blogging Border Collie.


I have been just miserable..I have a sore eye.  Someone thinks I may have whopped myself in the eye running through the brush after a squirrel.   I was blinking my eye as fast as I was all yucky too..and I was squinting.  Far Side found some old doggie ophthalmic ointment from the last time I scratched my cornea.  She said “Chance you are a repeat offender.”

Tuesday morning I went to the Vet..I know the routine.  They always want to know how much I weigh so I just walk to the scale and hop on and sit down..  Hmmm..  62 pounds.  Then they want me on the table..Okay I can cooperate.. I put my front feet on the exam table..Far Guy decided to help hoist me up.  They put gunk in my eye..I look to the left and then to the right.  Far Side is behind the Doc..looking..she can’t see a scratch or anything..finally they decide I have a sty which looks like a tiny little pimple on my lower eyelid.   My eyes.. both of them..  got all rinsed felt yucky ..but I sat like a good boy.  The Vet gave me a treat..I refused way was I taking that treat after an eye wash.

We got a new tube of ointment and my eye is much better..I get a treat every time they put the ointment in my eye. I will be good as new in a couple of days.

I went to see Far Side’s Mom yesterday..she is back at home and recovering nicely from her bad fall.  She has a new ramp at her house and a walker and a wheelchair.  I am not a bit afraid of any of those things because when I was a pup I went to the Nursing Home to visit just about every day.

Now you wanna see the Shiny Brite Secret? 

Shiny Brites are the Christmas ornaments that Far Side collects.  They are on the huge tree upstairs.  I watched  supervised the are you ready for the secret??

Chance and the Shiny Brite Secret

There are no lights on that tree only Shiny Brites picking up what light they can.  Far Side thinks it is quite magical..she is easily impressed:)


Country Gal said...

Hey Chance dont feel bad when I was a kid I had a Sty in my eye and a Boil on my butt at the same time ! Miggy and I hope you get better fast ! Glad to hear Far Sides mum is doing well . Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas !

lisa said...

Poor Chance! Glad to hear Far Sides mom is doing better!! I love the tree!

Muffy's Marks said...

Stys hurt. I'm glad you went to the vet to get it taken care of. Now you can enjoy that beautiful tree. I hope Santa is good to you.

Changes in the wind said...

Oh Chance, you are such a brave boy and that last picture? Should be in a magazine.

Rae said...

That stye sounds pretty painful. Glad to hear it is getting better. You want to be in tip top shape when your family comes for Christmas. Hope you have a really great time with Miney and Little Elvis.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Hey Chance, so sorry to hear you've had an eye problem. Back in the day when I was a kid I remember 'em tellin' me to rub a nickle on my sty to make it go away. Please don't do about introducin' some nasty infection!!!

There's a reason those wife's died an early death tellin' those Wives Tales!

Goodness to glory Chance, Far Side has truly captured a world of magic in those shiny brites...I thought you had posed your handsome self in front of a well lit tree!!!

I'm so glad to her 'Grandmas' home and doin' better. Bless her heart!

God bless you, Far Side and Far Guy. Have a great day filled with many, many doggie treats!!!

Chance, your just so dang talented!

DJan said...

That is such a nice picture of you, Chance. Glad to hear everything is beginning to look up around your place. And I do like that tree, too. Give a lick to your mom for me, okay?

Rita said...

You were so good at the vet's, Chance. Glad your eye is getting better and FarSide loves the tree. Always good to hear from you. Hope you are totally better really soon! :)

laurie said...

i remember when riley did that to his eye. nobody could get the ointment in his eye--nobody. not me, not doug, not the folks at the University Vet School.

nobody can thrash like riley.

his eye healed on its own.

Gail said...

Glad the problem is fixable.

Delighted Grandma is home and doing better.

The tree is beautiful. The beauty is enhanced by that beautiful black and white ornament in front of it.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Love the tree! How brilliant! And Chance, what a trooper! I made a vet visit yesterday with our cat Spice. Had to drop her into her carrier, that's how strongly she was refusing it. Growled all the way, then we we got there, she didn't want to come out, so had to coax her out of the carrier she hated just 15 minutes earlier. She's a beautiful cat though -- a seal-colored Siamese, and very sweet. We made it through with few bumps (except one in the car when her carrier did a nose-dive at the stop sign...poor cat!). Thanks for the update, Connie. Merry Christmas to you, Far Guy and Chance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chance, Sorry to hear about your eye. Hope you feel much better soon. I have been anxiously awaiting Far Side's Shiny Brite tree photo - so very pretty!!!

Glad Connie's Mom is better and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Harriet sends you get well wishes too!

Dreaming said...

Chance, you are such a goodie-four shoes.... putting your feet up on that cold metal table?! Not me... no way! But I'm glad that the doctor person was able to find out what was wrong and gave you some medicine to make it feel better and get better. Oh, and I'm so glad your human grandmother was able to come home. That poor lady - it must really hurt.
I like the shiny brite tree. How do you keep your tail from knocking off the shiny brites? My mom is sometimes glad that I don't have a tail and can only wiggle my butt!
Have a good Christmas!

Judy said...

You are a beautifully wonderful blogging border collie...

L. D. said...

Hey Chance, I hope that heals up fast. Button had a wart on his eyelid and that was not fun for him when they removed it. He had stitch in it's place which he disliked also. Chance you just have to understand that shiny brites are always shiny except at night when all the lights are out. I am anxious to see the tree you helped supervise in it's decorating. Barney tried to get to something last night on the other side of the artificial trees and we discover that the tree rotates. Take care Chance and get better soon.

Leenie said...

You're so blessed to have People who care for you so well, smart to not be terrified of the Vet and wise to be suspicious of anything a vet would offer you. Love the shiny brite tree. Merry Christmas!

Lynda said...

Chance - - - the Fars have Shiny Brites all year every time they look in your eyes!!! Praise God they are getting well quickly. Even though the vet is not generally pleasant, you are fortunate to have owners who are quick to respond to any slight changes you have. I sure hope someone is praying hard for Far Side to stay healthy. Those of you around her are falling apart - - - - we are so glad everyone can be put back together!!!

Linda said...

Glad to hear your on the mend and I'm easily impressed too..I love the tree!

Emma Rose said...

Hello Handsome!

I am so very relieved to hear that your eye will be good as new. My poor darling!!! If I could, you know I would kiss it better.

Wonderful news about Far Sides Mom being home and healing up. All those prayers worked real good :)

Have a fun Christmas Chance, and give my love to the "folks". And tell Far Side her shiny brite tree is lovely!

Emma Rose

carolina nana said...

I must be easily impressed also Chance because I think that is a wonderful looking tree.
Merry Christmas and wishing you many blesings in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you - hope your eye gets better soon!

Those Shiny Brites really are magical. (Yes, I'm easily impressed too!)

Here's wishing you and the Far Guys a fabulous Christmas!